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The First Day Begins on May 14, 2007~


MAY 14, 2007 - Monday

This shall be the beginning day of my internship (practical training) which I will accounting on. My exams just over on Friday (May 11). It's riding off like a bullet train! Immediately into training and with only two days to laid back and relax!

It's somewhat weird that just after final exams for semester 5 - I'm into this world-of-worklife! This is somewhat crazy I should say. Do you agree with me? May 14 marks the first day of life at a newspaper agency or firm or whatever. It is also may known as my first week too. And it's the day where I get humiliation and embarassment by this little mischievious devil who called himself as Damien. Whoa! Damien? Yes. Damien - That's his name! That name reminds me of Damien Thorne famed of the devil's number 666 (The Omen). First thing came across to my mind and yet yes he is almost the size of that kid in the movie that we watch. But this Damien is Indian.

I wore a Renoma's white collar with long sleeves, Docker's black slacks, Pierre Cardin's black leather belt and a pair of some Italian-made black leather shoes (I couldn't recall the name). Well i thought like the grooming session we had in college that weekend with Mr.Phua and the groomers, the idea of dressing smart! Maybe they were wrong about it. Damien were laughing all the way telling everyone about me wearing a tie in the office with sleeves too. Well I get to know who's the boss (Chong *full name to be added later*).

Damien Francis - the 34-year-old vertically challenge and cunning guy aint the boss. He's the so-called receptionist and some sort of helper at the Sun office.

Yes! You heard me! The Sun newspaper agency! It's located at Jalan 222, off Jalan Templer. The real address? It's pretty long to write in here. Well if you would to drive down here, it's pretty fast. But on this day and the naive me, I took a taxi with Zareena Sameen (my journalism friend in college). Well i woke up early in the morning just to meet up with her at the Taylor's College Petaling Jaya's jockey stand - and it was like hell no, we don't know what other convenient transport to head there. So I called a taxi which i wrote down the other when we first went to The Sun. It costs RM 10 on the other day. But today it cost like crazy but i still i take it for RM15 - said to avoid traffic congestion when it was like there's no traffic congestion at all!! Damn, he cheated me!

It was a skeleton office when we arrive there. We met Mages (no, not the magician thingy!) and our HR (Human Resource) guy, Alif Zainal. We sat on some table and seated at comfortable. That's where the whole Damien's thingy came into the scene terrorizing the place telling people about my dressing and disturbing Zareena too.

Damien: *whispering* Hey, hey, look at your friend there. She looks like that American Idol boy la. What's his name already? Ahh... Sanjaya Malaka! Miss Sanjaya Malaka!

Well basically all the reporters know about the Miss Sanjaya Malaka thingy. Then we met an intern who's name Hwa Yue-Yi. And of course i saw that name in The Sun lots of time. Then our supervisor came into the scene, Lee Boon Siew (not the Honda manager).

Lee Boon Siew: Good morning! I'm Boon Siew but you can also call me David.

Here are the list of staffs in mix editorials, lifestyles and the whole The Sun staffs that i remember:
- Lee Boon Siew (David)
- Cindy Tham
- Ng Kee Seng
- Sebastian Lim (?)
- Freddie Ng
- Anansa Jacob
- Giam Say Khoon
- Husna "Kak" Yusof
- Angela (?)
- Soo Wern Jun
- Kimberly Lau
- Peter Yap
- Charles "Charlie" Peters
- Charles Ramenadran (?)
- Chandran
- Suresh Ram
- Suresh (?)
- S. Indra
- Llew Ann Phang
- Bissme
- Terence Fernandez

- Raj Kumar
- Syed Azahar
- Amin
- Hisham
- Zulklifi
- Saiful

Basically almost everyone on the first day! Then I got to know another intern - Isaac Lee from Life College. He's a photographer trainee. He's kinda shy and hunchback photographer.

So Boon Siew brief us on an introduction about how the office runs. Then Yue-Yi helps us out how to use the Q-Editor, some basic tool like microsoft word but it doesnt have grammar check!
Well, the PCs there - aint any PC actually. They are using ancient MACs. Yes. I ask them how old are these machines and they told me that it's almost 35-year-old!!

These MACs are slow and requires lots of patient to do a task like surfing the internet. So i don't surf the internet at all on a MAC. Well there is no permanent like desk and it's like free for all. Anyone who got work to type can use it.

So I'm with the newsdesk for three days which is for today, Tuesday and Wednesday. So there is nothing much to do on the first day.

I get to go out for lunch with Peter, Giam and Damien while Zareena sat in Kim's car which had Anansa and Wern Jun along. We went to the Nasi Kandar stall and eat there and had a little chat there. Then back to the office. Still nothing.

And our time to leave is at 5.30pm. End of first day of week!

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