Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Freedom Of Speech! ~ Are we able to voice our VOICE?~~


What is freedom of speech? What in the world exactly does it means and stands for? Do they even exist within us in the first place? Freedom of speech is defined as freedom of self-expressing thoughts regarding a certain issue towards or against another opinion or any other circumstances.

Different countries has different rules and regulations, law and order to halt someone from being aggressive. A country will not be able to operate without having a constitution which creates the law and order. Law and order are introduced for public concern, safety, security and a protection for the government.

Law and order forms a proper government organization which helps to build the country in many ways. Although law and order is a standing for the constitution, it is still be able to be amended if there is a problem. Having so many enforcers and barriers is almost cultivating communism.

Freedom of speech? I believe it will continue to exist if we keep fighting for what we want! Either to insult or criticize the government policy in handling an issue without proper concern. Freedom of speech has never been so free afterall. There are laws which only allow certain extend of freedom. Some countries do have and some countries do not.

Freedom! That is the word we hear from our fellow comrades fighting against a pre-occupation. Freedom! That was the cries and tears that we struggle to believe in! But are we really free in doing what we think is good and bad for us? To have freedom of speech, we should not be afraid of the government, instead the government should be afraid of us! The country we live and stay should have some freedom of speech to voice.

Apparently, in a country like Malaysia is actually a living time-bomb citizens waiting to be detonated. We are like a living napalm bomb. Why do I say so? This is because of what had happen in the past. The May 13, 1969 riot incident is one true setting example.

The May 13, 1969 riot act was a tremendous racial disaster causing thousands death of both Malay and the Chinese. The settlement of this uprising was tragic. Newspapers and magazines were clamped down not to publish anything about the citizens. This riot has captured the public interest and attention into asking and keen to know about the reason, cause and the many why(s) in the country!

Freedom! What exactly is freedom of speech if we have barriers which holds our speech to ceratin extent? I believe we will have freedom of speech if the government amend the laws. For now I do not believe there is such thing as freedom of speech in Malaysia.

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