Saturday, June 30, 2007

From Ruums To Zouk Till 5am!~


That night that roared! I tag-a-long with Jan. He got a media invitation to go to the Grand Finals of the dance competition. However Q&As (press conference) will be available right after the showdown and the after the winner is announced! So 10.45pm? Im not about it... cuz i was quite a busy person of meeting the medias and getting their name cards - an act of socialising and building relationship between the media - just in case one day I need their help onto something.

But that just not it! I even met up with a couple of TV celebrities-something-more-or less kind of thing. I wasnt so much into entertainment and I need to ask Mel (Jan's friend), she know a whole lot local celebrities. Me? What a guy like me who knows nothing about our local people knows about? Basically - nothing! Well at least, i know what is happening in Cuba and Hamas, the Kurds, Sunnis and the Shias. Okay - it's political and religious sects thingy issue in Middle East.

It was this Grand Finals event for the American-turned-Malaysian version of "So You Think Can Dance". The crowd wasnt that much of a mush-pit-kind-of instead it's more a formation separated from left and right and below - im talking the crowd on the ground floor.

Well it is as usual they do not start according to the timeline and schedule. Well there are technical delays and stuff. Supporters for all four finalists can be heard cheering and screaming for their favorite dancer! Yes! You heard me.. favorite dancer NOT best dancer!

All fully dressed-up the dancers stand side by side with the co-emcee namely as Rina Omar (the crazy and insanely loud mouth).

And yet a friend of my brother who can be consider as a friend of mine too. Yea, he use to come to my house often so long as i still recall in my mind. Zheng Huang that is what we call him! His the other name "Dennis"? It's pretty unusual to call him that and odd too! It's like so uncomfortable calling his significant name! And so i will state his name as Dennis just in case you guys get mixed up and confused.

Dennis - i didnt know anything much about him but i did know that he practice his somersault outside the school compound (the basketball court facing the school). The first somersault was a failure that i guess he hurt himself and that he is more likely to improve as years passes by. And since im his senior, so i have not much of a detail story to tell about. He was like a cheerleader advisor in latter years. Well a team of Hollaback and Warriorz made their debut in Cheer 2005 making SMK USJ 13 proud and sky-high! Indeed... but it was a one hit wonder after Class 2005 left. Hahaha...

So he was the sort of cheerful and playful kind of person. That is what i heard from his other friends, Wern Sern is much closer to him - and it seems that ever since from day one till this final night, yea sound like real buddies! Dennis' mum was also present at that night together with her friends (all-star aunties).

Dennis has the loudest supporters! And yet still he lost to his roomate Alam. When ask about who was his closest rival as in who he must defeat to claim the prize and title? - Dennis said that he did not think of winning it as he was just competing to improve himself and there is no war-like thinking. He also said that he is happy to make it to the final round although he didnt win it.
He then said that it wasnt of a battle - he just wanted to have fun and improve his flaws. And so .. the boy has grown up!

And when me and Jan were trying to do our interview stuffs... well im not writing it but im helping Jan's on certain things he need. And Mel said to me: "Im gonna do my thing.." - well i thought she meant that she's heading to the washroom or something? But holy fuck! She's shaking hands with all the contestants which got knocked and taking pictures with them like an aborigine in the middle of the city. She gets to be with me and Jan cuz we are the media. But it doesnt means we are making use of our powers as a media. We kinda recall what our colleague Anansa just told us about some real story.

But earlier we had photographs taken with Belinda Chee and Aishah Sinclair and i met up with 8TV CEO - Ahmad Izham! And i met up with some reporter who i also know her from my previous assignments on Jewel Of Tibet.

So they said that there is a post-party but they say it's gone cuz everyone left. And it was really fucked up! Nothing at all. And so we waited. We wait for Jan's friend, Nicholas(Nick) to arrive. Yea. Nick the 27 year-old chubby guy with spike hair. Met this 26 year-old sexy and small Sabahan cutie, Patricia (Pat) and Scott.

Woooohoooo! We head to Zouk! Well it was my first to Zouk! Never enter there before! Thought i did be spotchecked for being one year younger but well lucky thing my face can be deceiving. Huh! That was what i heard from someone! Well im suppose to pay to enter the party but hey Nick knows the DJ and the DJ told the security to let us all in! Sweeet!

Well it was hip hop bass mix and retro music mix and it little bit of pop. Met a few of europeans - Robert from Deustchland (Germany), Norway and England. And saw some gurls from the same working place, Grace and Winnie from The Edge - i remember the G.I Jane gurl. And met a bunch of other crowds namely Jude, Karen and a whole fun and crazy crowd. Fuck yeah!

Knock! Knock! In house at 5am (June 30)...

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