Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mmmm.. Sedapnya Bersama Chef Wan~


May 16, 2007 - Wednesday

I barely able to make a difference between morning and noon. But what i do remember is that, this day marked my first day with Seb and my first assignment was given.

Well i have to make a trip to Citron Cafe which located somewhere near Jalan Kia Peng and Jalan Stonor. The area where the rich is living. I walked and across the pedestrian bridge behind the office then took a bus to Subang Jaya's KTM. Well the catch of this whole internship thingy is that you don't get to claim travel expenses! Pretty vague eh?

So from Subang Jaya to Bank Negara, costing me like RM2.60 or more? Then when i got there, i was kinda lost, so i halt a taxi and this was so much of a surprise. Have you seen a lady taxi driver? I mean i'm not into discriminating this woman but hey she is friendly and yea she drove me to that Citron Cafe and i did say the place was just behind KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre)! Holy cow. I should have ride the train to KLCC instead then only take a taxi. But i wasn't sure where the place was about.

Pretty much of a newbie to this city! Seldom head down to KL with areas that i don't even know where the hell in the world. It was kinda wet that day actually. Cause it was raining and i wore my windbreaker. And the shit is who the hell was Zul? The photographer? I haven't seen him before in the office. So i reach there. What a long path to the house or cafe (either one).

There are a whole lot of veteran journalists. Met people from TV3, RTM, NTV 7 and 8TV ; papers from Utusan Malaysia (UM) and The Star. Well the wet climate did not stop them from running the show.

Well what was the whole thing about was this Chef Wan - our Malaysia's favorite local chef hero is introducing new Ayamas products and his 27 new simple recipes which he acquire in Islamabad, Pakistan. It's about his new TV programme which was aired somewhere on Sunday (May 13) for housewives who wanted to try something new.

Okie, before everything started. I head to the washroom then search who the hell is Zul? Most of the photographers doesnt seem to wear their media tag. Well as i was searching and asking: Are you Zul?

Zul: Yes, I'm Zul.
Jordache: From the Sun?
Zul: Yalah..
Jordache: *searching for his media tag*
Zul: Apa? Tak percaya ke? Takpe, kau pergi buat kerja kau dulu.
Jordache: ???

Well i wasnt sure and i dont give a shit cause im sure it wasnt my shit if the photographer wasnt present at all. I grab a sit and listen to all the conference stuff, and they launched the new Ayamas products which consists of ..... (cant remember). So they had somekind of wacky dancers dressed-up-chefs performances.

Somewhere in the middle, Chef Wan appears and he crack some serious shitty jokes and cooked the new Ayamas products and promoting it by saying that for those who cant cooked or doesnt have much time to prepare - they can use Ayamas products and and cooked em!

Well, well, well - the whole press will have the buffet and the cordial drink. Had to queue up to get the meals My photographer Zul went missing and i complete my meal. I scout for him. Uh-oh!

So i met with a PR Manager of QSR, Darmaris Kiat - a former Lim Kok Wing student and yeah she asked me lots of stuff too. Well it was said that never reveal that you're a trainee but then i still reveal it - i dont give a shit if they would to look down on me because im a noob? Fuck!

So she said that her lecturer is currently in my place. I revealed to her that im still with Taylor's College Petaling Jaya and she said her lecturer was Justin Victor! Whoa .. Yogi Bear~ Well what a small world.. but anyway it's kinda cool meeting up with these peoples and i get to know them better and socialising more.

So, i did not stay long for the press conference cuz i know that i will be late back to the office! And i aint taking any chances into getting back late and typing my stuff. So i get the press kits and the goodie bag and leave and saying farewell to that PR friend.

It was quite difficult to halt a taxi outside of that place. Pretty shitty that i could only get hold on one like after 30 minutes? Stupid eh? Drop me off at the Ampang Park's LRT station and head back to Asia Jaya's station. Then from there, i took a taxi and return to the office.

So i wrote the story for the entertainment/lifestlye - i mean that now im with Seb = im under entertainment desk. Pretty cool. Well Indra came to check my stuff and said i need to be more creative and punchy at words. And yeah, i was kinda sloppy at that time. I just wanted to get my work done. But that's not the way of doing as in to rush in time and hand in in time to avoid late hours and to get home early. But well i learn that i need to tolerate with my work and yet to recheck my mistakes and well Briton-English spelling too!

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