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Same Shit With Extraordinary Flavoring ala New Shit!~


This is some of the new shit content im blogging here, probably gonna slowly post one by one about my life as an journalist with some newspaper (cant disclose here yet till i'm done with them but u will know which print media im into if i ever did mention the staffs name?).
Yea! Two months internship (practical training), i don't really use the word "intern" actually. Cuz i found something shitty recently which is intern is more onto referring those victims in those Belsen, Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camp.

Well, in 1944 - they actually had two different camps: concentration and internment! Fuck! People is calling us an intern! But i aint no jewish shitty! Yea, here i go again! Controversially wicked!

Bloggers' gets clamped down like somekind of the fact that we are the evil propaganda. There are some crazy horses and white elephants outside there. Some shit don't understand that we are trying to actually to explain the shits that we don't want to be into!

So im gonna try blogging and write the real truth behind everything! To dig as many as possible and to reveal to the public! Official Secret Acts? - Who cares? Im gonna do serious shit research and write a thesis or something! And if they ever kicks my ass or stop me - this means i am right about every shit i find!

Well this blog page of mine is not just about any political stuff which im gonna find about! Maybe more than politics? I'll write out my daily stuff then when i research and read some interesting news then i'll search the server about that topic!

Well... daily lives of me, world politics, music, movie reviews, critics, games, internal affairs (malaysian politics), friends stuff, or any shit of which ever i wanna write about!

Now Malaysia is getting famous every year! Such as:

With the controversy of putting former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim behind bars, conflict with Tun Mahathir - And some teachers in my high school last time said that the malay novel/ literature titled "Kerusi" is the story of the former DPM and PM, then we had the George Soros and his investment strategy leading the economic crisis in 1996 thingy, the novel entitled "SHIT" got published then banned!

Mahathir's step down, conflict with (i forget the fat bitch whose from Wanita UMNO!) - i remember some shit i saw on TV when she was hugging Mahathir! The current PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi conflict with Mahathir is still on!

We had the Chin Peng biography got banned every year.. Say how long was that communist story? Will he be able to provoke more teachings in communism? I mean how will that shit influence our youth? Maybe the older generation, but im sure they wont want to get involved since it's filthy shit in the past!

Speaking of youth... the kiddos these days couldnt careless much about the world and they live on their own and had their own thinking. And that politics and internal affairs of who's who? - Fuck they know anything! They are either booksmart or streetwise these days so long they can survive in our multiracial society (survivor to the fittest!).

The chinese foreigner who got stripped in a police station and got video recorded and posted on youtube! Some twisted fairytale like the past case in the MAS airline - "Kisah Seorang Pramugari Yang Terlampau".

ICAC-ala-campaign! I have seen lots of police man dressed-up uniform wearing badges of "Jangan Rasuah!", "Saya Anti-Rasuah" and "Say No To Corruption" (on their patrol car) but how in the world is that true for us to know that they dont accept corruption!

For example like ... if you would to take driving license and to pay extra bribes to pass the practical exam. Do they check on those who ask for bribes?

We then had the smoking campaign to increase the sin taxes! Cigarettes prices up! Petrol up! Electricity up! Water up! Cooking oil up???! - What in the name is this shit about? To fuel our chosen Malaysian astronauts to fly up the moon and make roti canai and do teh-tarik stunts? Some crazy shit is going on!

Hohohoho.... last year's and this year's ultimate issue on the Mongolian model Altantuya Sharibuu. (But fuck! I got no media tag and i cant enter the Shah Alam Majistrate Court!). The Abdul Razak Baginda so called involvement - and Russian stuff!!?

Ahh... alas Citizen Nades is working on the Brickendonbury case. Remember the Tunku Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC)? Wooo... government sends our best Under-16 (U-16) to London to train for the coming sports? Or wasting our taxes?? The government is wasting RM68.7 million tax payers for the Sports centre in Brickendonbury! Fuck ur 50 years nationhood! They could use that much money to help the orphans in Malaysia and those who in need!

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