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Timothy Olyphant Is Agent 47!! Boys... shoot him or fuck with him!~


The most anticipating game of all time. With Agent 47 blasting from behind right after when Max Payne made its last debut in the millenium (1999). Hitman developed by Danish developer IO Interactive made its first appearance and shooting asses in 2000. Followed by its sequel Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002), Hitman: Contracts (2004), and Hitman: Blood Money (2006). Hitman has been recognised and claim to be a heat!

A genetically engineered assassin created from the recombinant DNA of five of the world's most dangerous criminals. His name comes from the last two digits of a bar code on the back of his head – 640509-040147. He is a tall, blue-eyed, bald, no-nonsense individual, who wears well-tailored Italian suits. Engineered from conception to be a ruthless killing machine, 47's strength, speed, and stamina are significantly above the human norm, and he possesses a single-minded, cunning intellect.

Raised in the sterile environment of the laboratory and trained in the fine arts of combat, infiltration and stealth, on his escape from the mental hospital that housed his birthplace (engineered by his father, Dr Ort-Meyer, for his own benefit), he gravitated towards the life he was designed for. In the following years he became a feared and highly sought-after assassin, taking difficult jobs and completing them efficiently.

Cold and to the point in his dealings with others, 47 displays an introspective nature, contemplating his own existence and his reason for being in the world - he once sought refuge and guidance in the Catholic church.

Yet, in line with his programming, he is a merciless killer - deliberate and cunning, but in line with his burgeoning conscience, 47 can also show great respect toward others: freeing a kidnapped prostitute in the Codename 47, as well as taking pride in not creating any collateral damage during a hit. He constantly looks for ways to conduct his work without injuring innocents or even alerting them to his macabre task.

The creators of Hitman were inspired by Luc Besson's assassin movies such as Nikita and The Professional, Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and the popular action movies of the Hong Kong film industry.

Later in February 2003, Hitman makers Eidos and IO Interactive entered negotiations with Hollywood production companies to adapt the video game to film. Twentieth Century Fox eventually acquired the rights and hired screenwriter Skip Woods to pen the screenplay with actor Vin Diesel executive producing and starring in the film. In December 2006, Vin Diesel stepped down from the role. Timothy Olyphant was announced to be attached to the lead role,

In January 2007, Olyphant was confirmed to be cast into the lead role with director Xavier Gens attached to the helm. In March, actor Dougray Scott was cast as the antagonist to Agent 47, with Olga Kurylenko, Robert Knepper, Ulrich Thomsen, and Michael Offei also joining the cast. Production began the week of March 27, 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria and will last 12 weeks.

Hitman (2007) Movie Trailer - Head Shots In Cinemas On October 12, 2007

It has been said
A man will walk this earth
With the power
To strike down evil
Wherever it hides

To bring us peace
He will kill

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