Monday, June 25, 2007

Why the cold mind at Midnight?~


When I write some serious shit, it just so happen it pops out and I'm all typing the shit I wanted to say, tell, talk and review about. I will just write naturally whatever shit came to my mind. And use my guts to tell me if I'm right or wrong!

The reason why the title of this blog is The World Of Midnight is particularly no reason as it was just some song title from my favorite anime introduced by my cousin Miguel! Well if you are all up there thinking of what the fuck is the anime? - It's called Black Lagoon! An all blood, gore and violence and meaningful anime compromise of wasteland lifestyles, vengeance, drugs dealings, corruptions, terrorists, Nazi fanaticals, killing machines ladies (train in the army with discipline), crazy hacker experts, and of course the main dish . . .. cigarettes! Nothing better than a good smoke of cigarettes carries by the wind!

And so the little description "... a cold wind in my mind" is a song title! It's a good combination of both titles and tagline together.

It's like the world when it is at night - it's such a beautiful view to look at although the whole sky is black but it is filled with glittering stars that puts the mood to feel more relax and comfortable. Before breaking into dawn, it's cool and calm.

Midnight is the time where most youth and business people throw their tuxedo into the trunk and gets themselves into a wet and crazy world and starts shuffling or clubbing. It may be some crazy ecstacy shit that the Diraja Balai Polis Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) would be running the car around and patroling and snipe the pubs and clubs to catch those in indecent acts or in drugs! Yea.. that was some serious shit when the cops busted in and commanded you to urine for the test! Probably they love to taste our urine too, part of their indecent act too perhaps?

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