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All Hail To Rasputina!~


The band officially began in Brooklyn, New York in 1992, when Melora Creager put out an advertisement requesting members to form an all-cello band. Cellist Julia Kent responded and the two formed what was dubbed the Traveling Ladies' Cello Society.

Rasputina is a varying collection of cellists playing chamber-alternative rock. Creager writes all of the lyrics for Rasputina, save the cover songs, performs most of the vocals, and creates a significant amount of the art for the band's albums, singles, and website.

Rasputina was locally well-known and somewhat popular with audiences, their music didn't seem to fit into any category. For this reason, the band was largely untouched until an A&R department representative named Jimmy Boyle saw them at a festival concert and signed them to Columbia Records. In 1996, Thanks for the Ether was released, and afterwards Rasputina toured with such bands as Bob Mould, Porno for Pyros and, in particular, Marilyn Manson. In 1997 Transylvanian Regurgitations, a follow up ep remixed by Manson, was released.

Their second full-length album, How We Quit the Forest, Rasputina signed on Chris Vrenna (from Nine Inch Nails) as their drummer and producer, influencing them to go ahead with the distortion they had been experimenting with. He provided electronic drums, and other electronically produced sound effects in the rhythm department.

As Rasputina toured and recorded, Creager and Kent took on other members for short periods of time. A cellist named Lisa Haney played third chair for a couple of years before they signed to Columbia Records. Carpella Parvo was the third cellist on Thanks for the Ether, but left the country afterwards. Agnieszka Rybska performed on How We Quit the Forest and is listed in the "special thanks" section for Thanks for the Ether. In 1998, Rybska became pregnant and temporarily left the band. Drummer Perry James toured with the band in 1998-1999. Julia Kent left during the four year hiatus between their 1998 album How We Quit the Forest and their 2002 debut Cabin Fever on Moby's record label Instinct Records. In 2004 they released a rather quick follow up album, Frustration Plantation. One of the driving forces behind that album, Zoë Keating, left the band in 2006, Creager's current assemblage consists of her and Jonathon TeBeest. Ex-Graces cellist Stephanie McVey occupied second chair from September of 2006 to January of 2007. Sarah Bowman rejoined Rasputina on their spring 2007 tour of the U.S. Their forthcoming album is to be released on June 26th 2007.

All of the members seem to share an interest in the Victorian era, and express it most obviously through their clothing, appearing in costume at concerts and in photographs. However, despite their love for antiquities, and their sometimes dark, ethereal sound, they don't easily fit into any well defined genre.

Rasputina is one of my favorite music band as they blend the renaissance music together with their dark and meaningful emblem that creates a distinctive atmosphere of both historical enjoyment and relaxation. Something more or less like Joshua Bell's Red Violin mix Apocalyptica together. I salute their music! It's a must buy and must listen music of the century. They are the rarest cut which you ever gonna hear. Great music to the ears!

Introducing Rasputina debut album in 1996: Thanks for the Ether

"My Little Shirtwaist Fire" – 2:30
"Stumpside" – 4:01
"Nozzle" – 1:55
"Transylvanian Concubine" – 2:47
"Why Don't You Do Right" (American jazz standard)– 2:21
"Mr E. Leon Rauis" – 3:26
"Donner Party" – 2:01
"Endomorph" – 2:40
"Brand New Key" (Melanie Safka) – 2:13
"Crybabies" – 3:21
"Howard Hughes" – 3:14
"Sister Sleep" – 2:59
"Five Fleas" – 1:06
"Any Old Actress" – 3:54
"Dig Ophelia" – 2:59
"Kate Moss" – 1:33
"Rusty the Skatemaker" – 3:36
"Trust All-Stars" – 9:09
"Vertrauen Alles Sterne" ("Trust All-Stars" in German) *Hidden Track.

Here's How We Quit The Forest:

"Olde Headboard"
"You Don't Own Me"
"The New Zero"
"Rose K."
"Dwarf Star"
"Sign of the Zodiac"
"Herb Girls of Birkenau"
"Christian Soldiers"
"Things I'm Gonna Do"
"Diamond Mind"
"How We Quit the Forest"
"Watch T.V."

Now, Oh Perilous World, the sixth full length album from chamber-rock trio Rasputina, was performed by the band's creator cellist/lead singer Melora Creager and drummer Jonathon TeBeest with second chair Sarah Bowman contributing additional vocals. The album was released by the Filthy Bonnet Recording Co. with distribution through Ryko.

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