Friday, July 6, 2007

Consuming The Black Sky!~


I have just transfer several of my poems from my old blogs to this blog and banished the old ones. But of course, there are still more to be transferred. Unfortunately i need to type it here by referring to my private book where i wrote all my dark poems in there.

Maybe you guys might wander - why the dark, indepth and twisted poems? Why am i writing this insanely drafted poems? So dark and sometimes it can be very sensitive. It can hurt or struck a person feelings at times. Why? You asking me why? Well.. I tell you why.

The reason is that simple. The balance of the world is both good and evil. Day and night. Correct and wrong. Boy and Girl. Man and woman. Heaven and hell (if they exist). God and Satan (if they EVER exist). The history of the world drives back to the beginning and existence of mankind. The dark history of it. Like we had the devil's bible. Mein Kampf and Antonio Gramsci's book. And so many evil ideology. Evil - i say? Actually there can be nothing to define what is good and evil. It is the self-centre mind that interacts with our intellect to tell us something like an instinct or something.

Our world is not perfect. There can be no peace without casualties and invasions. The crazy idea behind the leader that guide us. Survivor of the fittest. There's always dark. And dark is darker than black. The universe is covered with total blackness. How can one think without having a single thought wrong doing? Eat lots of vegetables?

I am writing on how corrupted the world is. How polluted and crazy our politician leaders are. You know what you're thinking. Well, i look at all side of angle and also sometimes from my emotions to create this.

And some guys dont write these. Probably im one of a kind. Defining me? Sick? No. You just have to think and look further! Look beyond imaginary!

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