Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Darkness The Devourer~


We are born into the world of total darkness. We keep doing things that we do not like. We are forced by our parenthood to obey orders and worship things we call as religion. When things are made of statues, stones, concrete, wood and paints and dead corpses. Why are we here in the first place?

The day replace the dark with the light coming directly from the sun. We are sitting on the third rock which is quite good and bad. Scientists keeps their research classifieds. When man long before said that all men are brothers. Telling us each day to love and care for others.

But when the beginning of the end of the world comes? Where are we when there is no sunlight? What do we do when there is fire? Who do we look for? The panic button applies and trigger for long term. The hysterical ringing at the ears. The sound of cries. Silent screams. The blinds still lives on.

Greed and selfishness. The politicians backfired us. Will a hero come to save us? Or will Earth turn cold? When lighters and fires are run out. Loggers will stop trees and head for the main core. Search of the golden egg beneath the ground. The warmth there is.

Dead plants. Dead animals. Disease then epidemic. Armageddon unprepared. The mass murder of mankind. The explosion. Stars to guide in the dark galaxy.

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