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Dinner In The Valley!~


May 17, 2007 - Thursday

It was just another ordinary day of life. It's like you wake up from your bed everyday and you see that light shining into your room but not brightly and hear those cuckoo birds chirping from one side to the other end, flapping their wings to search for food. Then you might here those car pipes rattering down the street and sound of sirens somewhere near your house or maybe somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You hear your mum calling you to wake up and knowing the frustrations that i knew that i have already wake up and yet i taken my own pleasure time to stretch and to feel nature but was spoiled by that thunderous voice - shouting into echoes into my ears. I didnt like the scream of the poltergeist (well my mum is more like a banshee!).

Maybe all mothers are like that? Period or something is getting their way to make them scream. Eventhough if you're inside the toilet and you're either shaving or shitting. Is it possible for you to open the toilet door and scream back at your mum: "Ma, I'm in the toilet now!!!" - how ridiculous this thing can be with full body sitting on the toilet bowl naked and shouting back to reply? Embarassment moment. And sometimes, they pretend that they dont even hear a single word you said that you had to scream or shout more and more so as they really know that you dont faint the toilet. But when the time you scream that you're in the toilet - your entire will know that you're shitting in the toilet.

I begin my daily routine of not having breakfast but will be having branch as in breakfast and lunch altogether. By the time when im all suit up and ready to work - i will drink a cup of water and head to work. And so ... with an empty stomach u say? Insane? Nope. It aint really that hungry afterall. So long as you dont have weak body. Getting the earliest bus to go to work is probably somewhat coincidence. Sometimes it can be late and sometimes it can be very very early. Still i have to ride it to work.

And so my life started to shrink on this very day, or maybe because of the flexibility of arriving at what time to work. The entertainment/ lifestyle desk has the most flexibility but then still you still have to type the article and send to your editors for inspection before publishing them.

I received at least four press releases today and i had to organise on how to complete them all without delaying. I did asked help from Anansa or Yue-Yi on certain and maybe common command prompts for the MACs. Press releases on the Philips Infrared product which can relieve pain and joints, Footwear Solutions introduces new products called Kumps.

More press releases released to me. Im happy of doing this job for now. Then at 7pm, i had an assighment to MidValley Megamall - about the OSIM uPilot launch in conjunction of Father's Day. And yet i went there early as in i left the office at 5.30pm to avoid from being caught under the rain. The jinx sky eventually downpours like hell - i got soaked!

Under the chilling and cold area, freezing like some ice cube! okay i went there early that i took opportunity by sitting on the massage chair for 2 hours before the launch. Then i met this old chap - 40 + flirter and stalker? Maybe? And so i saw Xandria Ooi (famous spokesperson) with her parents and a bunch of former Miss Malaysia. And then this old chap came to me and asked for me to help him and he said and claimed that he's from KLue Magazine and yet he forget to bring his card. He can be a fraud. I was too naive then. So i help him out and that's it. He get to get the goodie bag thingy. I was afraid he might threaten me so i rather made the move - the impossible move of disguising him as a staff in my office when he's not. Steven (not sure if that's his name!) went making his move by sweet talking all the media ladies - i didnt follow what he does. Probably that's what we called as interactive or socialising with people?

I wanted to leave after everything's done and so i have to find a transport back! And i trust Steven eventhough i just know him like that. He's 40 plus and he seems to be like a 23 year-old-guy trapped in an old body. Well the end of the launch he kinda "ta pao" 4 packets of Delifrance bread while i only took one for myself. Well he send me back home eventhough he complaints that i cheated him into sending me back to my doorstep. And for any upcoming events, he said he did called me and i should informed him. Well.... looks like I wont.... *

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