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The First And The Best Max Payne!~


Max Payne is the other version of Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence). The frame is on him for being accused of murdering his wife and baby at home. Max Payne begins three years in the past with Max working as a cop in Hell's Kitchen. Payne came home after a long day at work, in which he declined an offer to join the DEA, offered to him by his best friend Alex Balder. Nobody answered when he entered his home and upstairs he finds his wife and daughter murdered at the hands of junkies high on a new designer drug called Valkyr.

Payne joins the DEA as an undercover agent to infiltrate the Mafia and the underground world of New York. While undercover, B.B., an agent who is friends with both Payne and Alex, calls Payne and tells him Alex wants to meet at the Roscoe Street Station. Once arriving there by train, Payne gets off and checks around, only to discover a worker killed in the locker room and Alex nowhere to be seen. As he continues on he learns that mobsters under Jack Lupino, a Mafia boss in the Punchinello crime family, are attempting a bank robbery under the Roscoe Street bank through the station. While investigating the robbery, Payne discovers they were after Aesir Corporation bonds. Working his way back to the surface, Payne encounters Alex, who gets killed by an unknown shooter, leaving Max at the scene to take the fall. Payne leaves the station to look for Lupino at his hotel.

Once at Lupino's hotel, Max finds the Finito brothers - Joey and Virgilio, but no Lupino. With his cover blown, Max Payne engages in a shoot-out with the Finito brothers. Payne kills them and finds out through a letter addressed to them by Vinnie Gognitti (a Mafia captain and Jack Lupino's right hand man) that Rico Muerte, a Chicago mobster (who Max refers to as "... a regular Keyser Soze...") who owes the Punchinello family is coming to New York to oversee a major Valkyr drug deal. While he searches for Muerte's room, he finds the diary of a hooker named Candy Dawn. She writes about how she has been selling tapes of her having sex with a "One Eyed Alfred" to a mysterious woman. Continuing on, Payne breaks up the drug deal and finds Muerte and Dawn not too far away. He kills Muerte and near the front of the hotel, Payne finds a switchboard not far from the counter, and he overhears Vinnie Gognitti talking to a dying mobster. Max searches for Vinnie, hoping to find Lupino.

Once outside, a set of explosions detonates inside one of Lupino's buildings. Vladimir Lem, the head of the Russian Mafia and responsible for the bombings, is seen leaving the scene of the crime in his car. Later, while searching for a key to a locked door, Payne finds a letter by Gognitti detailing a recent hit on Vlad's illegal guns, explaining the bombings. Payne eventually makes it to Lupino's office to find Vinnie, resulting in a gunfight breaking out with Gognitti's men, whilst Vinnie himself escapes with a gunshot wound to his gut. Payne also finds a letter addressed to Don Angelo Punchinello telling Punchinello that Jack Lupino has gone crazy. Gognitti and Payne meet up in a deadend alley. Using force, Payne is told by Vinnie that Lupino is at Ragna Rock, a gothic nightclub Lupino owns. Payne then leaves Vinnie to die.

Once at Ragna Rock, Payne finds a torn, bloody piece of paper addressed by Don Punchinello himself, telling Lupino to shape up. Payne has to kill dozens of Lupino's men before Lupino emerges, high on V exhibiting all the homicidal dementia that entails. Payne finally kills him, only to find Mona Sax, Lisa Punchinello's "evil twin", an assassin telling Payne he needs to go higher up, to Angelo Punchinello himself. She discloses this since she views him as a sadistic wife beater. The two share a drink, but Mona spikes his drink and Payne falls unconscious, only out of fear he might kill her sister.

While knocked out, Max experiences a nightmare about the death of his family. He wakes up only to find himself tied to a chair in the basement of Jack Lupino's hotel. Frankie "the Bat" Niagara, a mob hitman, beats Max around with a baseball bat. Leaving Payne bruised and bloody, he comments when he returns, it's "check out time."

And the story goes on and on. I wouldnt be that nice if I keep telling you the story of the game. I wont be any fun or any excitement with all the beans spilled. So play the game again or whatsoever and experience the graphics and story!
**Max Payne: Payne And Redemption by Independent Film will be reviewed somewhere within this month! Check out my blogs for future updates!

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