Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homeland Stupidity Tells The Definition Of A Domestic Terrorist~


To all readers. Listen Up!

Here are some of excerpts i obtained from TechWag on the law imposing on the bloggers. The government is going to pronounce some of the bloggers who write something really critical about the government and something they could not accept us will be known as Domestic Terrorist!

So speaking of freedom of speech! This is something really stupid so let it be .. after all most of us are Domestic Terrorist at large.

So how would it affect Malaysians?


by TechWag

If we believe homeland stupidity today, most everyone who blogs is going to go down the tubes as a domestic terrorist. They have found many documents from Virginia, Pennsylvania and Alabama that talks about what your neighbors and friends should be looking out for as signs that you live next to a domestic terrorist. At first blush we though they were kidding, but as we went through the documents, we figured out that they were not.

If you’re an American reading this, then under expansive definitions being used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several states in their counterterrorism training, you just might be a domestic terrorist. Source: Homeland Stupidity

The sad part is that we argue the constitution about “Freedom of Speech” every time we talk about regulating comments on a blog web site. That alone according to the documents from Alabama, Virginia and Pennsylvania is enough to get most bloggers in trouble with the rules on “what constitutes a domestic terrorist”.

With bloggers being so vocal about everything, the things that we believe in, and the things that we will argue about, it is no wonder then that the generic government documents that govern what is and what is not a terrorist is going to drive people who take this stuff way too seriously nuts.

I can see the scenario now, some poor person thinking that they are doing a good thing going through blog after blog after blog with their little check list, and reporting about 70 million of the 77 million blogs out there to the FBI. There just is not enough police, jail cells, or court time to work their way through this one. On that note, Homeland Stupidity has made the nifty banner below that we have on our site.

Certified Domestic Terrorist

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CRIZ LAI said...

Did I just qualified to be accused of being a Domestic Terrorist? I just commented here and will I get caught? I heard the curry rice in jail not bad too. LOL.

Actually "Freedom" locally has many different meanings depending on the publisher...government or public. :P

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