Monday, July 16, 2007

Illusions In The Mirror~


If you sits somewhere alone in the dark or at daytime and you start to wander around. You started to think and have thoughts that will bring you far away from your imagination. Things begins to change. From one place to another within the time and space. Hallucinating things you should not have. Maybe you are have the feeling of being drugged by some anesthetic needles. You started to float out of your meat. Looking into your reflection across the wall - the mirror stares back.

You see yourself unconsciously. But a strange feeling that the body do not seem to be yours. You still levitating at mid air with your transparent self. Seeking for the answer of this happening. The truth. You tried to wake up from this bad dream. Still nothing. You hear the dew dropping slowly in time. As the clock ticks passby the time patiently. The calls begins to trigger in your ears. So loud that it might burst your ear drums. You see your mother running upstairs and shouting. As you watch yourself helplessly. Your mother carried your body and rushing downstairs. You feel a little nervous. You followed the ambulance.

The silk cloth covered-face. The surgeon pronounce you dead. Your mother in sobber tears and struggling and shouting for living. Your father hold your mother. Your friends stood by - in loss and hurt. You watch yourself going into the cold and chilling morgue. You have no idea. An echoe of whispers came flying by. Telling you things that you are not suppose to hear. Things that you most fear. Death.

Your right arm began to freeze slowly. Numb and unable to move. So cold that it is broken. You then scream as loud as possible. No one hear you. You are left out. Alone.

Only darkness accompanies you. A sudden spotlight flashes directly. A winter black and white. Feel like in the older times. A dramatic screenplay. What you see is purely pencil and paper. Images are so blur that you fainted.

Wake up. Your time is up. The light shines so brightly that you slowly take a glimpse. You then realise. The twilight zone you are in. You wander if it is over. You feel a leeching cold on your right arm. It was numb as the way you slept with your head on it. You cried. Your mother said you are insane. You are relieve!

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