Friday, July 6, 2007

~Inside My Sepulcher~


Chanting by chanters,
Praying by prayers,
Sounds from inside,
Noises from outside,
Chanting and praying,
Loudly and proudly,
Feeling pain,
Filling with blood,
Murder Burger,
Sacrilege Sacrifice,
Food loaded meat,
Foot loaded beat,
Drums being hit,
Inside rising heat,
Kill the hare for the final feast,
Take my hair for the hope of fist,
Make me godHeld me up-got,
Wake me up,
Forsaken rise me up,
Do not let be thrown
away again from my throne,
Hide me,
Cover me,
Do not wake me,
Let sleep take me,
Inside my sepulcher

-- ( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2004 )

*Well..haha.. this poem is more like about the undead. I was thinking too much about vampires and the immortals and they are kinda pale and cool. Bloodsuckers. That was went that song goes something like "...I'm trapped in this world, lonely and waiting, for you to come,.." by David Draimon (not sure if i get his name right) of Disturbed. And on second thought, i was more of a Nazism supporter as i like seeing bodies (dead) but then think again.. what the fuck was i thinking back then!??

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