Friday, July 6, 2007

Internship? Fuck Yeah!?~


And so .. it was the last day for internship and I have to write out for my report in order to claim my other cheques. Fuck! Well .. you know.. policy! policy! policy!

The last day today for practical training is quite boring. Real boring. And it seems that the whole office is a handful of people working. Freddie, Cindy and Boon Siew isnt around at all. The worst thing, none of the other staffs (colleagues) knew that today is our (me, Zareena and Hanna) last day. Well.. well... we thought they might be surprising us? I guess not.

Later Zareena had assignment at 3pm today and i had mine at 3.30pm too! Of course not the same assignment. Mine is crazy! Two hours of interviewing the chairman! This is the first time I interview with a chairman for so long. What's the story about? I tell you all according to my internship dates la. Since i just stopped at May 17 story! Hehe.. The longest story.

Well i met and saw Boon Siew when i was on the way out for my assignment? What the fuck?? Why then only he comes??? Cibai man!

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