Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Sing - A - Sing - Along!~


by Jordache Wee (jor.wee) & Mohammad Izham

KUALA LUMPUR: The KL (Kuala Lumpur) Sing Song 2007 annually showcases 12 of their most talented and original local singer and songwriters from the Troubadours Enterprise for two nights continuously at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) on Saturday (July 20) and Sunday (July 21).

The musicians which are selected for this showcase consisted of a wide diversity of views with various genres and their own performance styles and are supported by homegrown arts supporters.

This year KL Sing Song includes veteran local artistes like Pete Teo together with new inspiring comer like Estrella and Michelle & Ling.

The performances are held in an acoustic and jazzy setting and some of the artistes will be supported by back-ups friends with either one or more friends.

The first show was on Friday, and the first half of the show started with the line up of Jerome Kugan, Mei Chern and Mili’z, and the second half line up was Mia Palencia, Reza Salleh and Melina William of Tempered Mental.

The second show on Saturday started with the first half line up consisting of Estrella, Azmyl Yunor and Tan Sei Hon, and the second half line up was Pete Teo, Meor and Shanon Shah.

Each artiste played a song and then changed to another artiste for four rounds.

"The idea of each artiste performed a song and then changed to another was because to be different from other shows where other shows each artiste were been given a certain amount of time to perform their songs," said Azmyl Yunor.

According to Jerome Kugan, the main idea to hold this KL Sing Song event started on a recent two years ago in 2005 to encourage the singer and songwriters to voice out their stories through a song.

He said the purpose is also to encourage the younger generation to be more supportive of the local artiste and bands.

“Most of us self-produced our albums because we are independent artistes so it is still lack of support in funds to have someone sponsored us,” Kugan added.

Pete Teo said that the night was fantastic because it gave independent artistes chance to express their feelings through music and play them to the audience.

He added that the show such as KL Sing Song should continue because it can promote our local musicians and talents.

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CRIZ LAI said...

I agreed on the supports given to the local artistes. What more about sponsors? It's really hard to come by. No wonder they need to charge so high for a 45 minutes performance.

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