Friday, July 6, 2007

~Legions of Merit~


I am raucous and ferocious,
Whenever I am gloomy,
or bloomy
I deify my enemy,
so that I will be defy,
Whenever troubles here,
I have nothing to mere,
It is my duty to fender,
not to tender,
Whenever they want me for the feast,
I gave them the hope of fist,
Please be peace,
or be part of piece.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2004 )

*I wrote this three years and it's kinda a work of hope for the coming challenge in life and that we are slave to the world and we must strive hard to keep moving on. For everything we need and desire for. It was all about the hardship that we need to struggle. Basically i was thinking bout the Greek legions against the Persians during the King Macedonia and Alexander timeline. I started with a first person as in like a solo battle against the world. Like what Aristotle once written the greatest 300 Spartans legions led by King Leonidas himself againt the Persian King Xerxes.

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