Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Bizarre And Extraordinary Stories In Future!~


For long as i am concern, i have been doing massive research on real life people - which are truly drastic and that may shocked or may interest others into investigating to know the reason why. So i am more into investigative journalism - which is to find out more and more information and sources and the truth behind every behavior and characters of an individual. Not very concern if that person is politician, criminal, businessperson, leader and so much other individuals.

It is more into the WHY they did it? Why does it have to be this way? Why and more why are indulged. People are curious to know on what is happening and why. With all that why(s), people will tend to read more. So whether if there are UFOs out there, i will try to find out but aliens are not my type because it is something not interesting and people still take it as a taboo. It's the conspiracy that interest the public. Something that is totally out of the norm that interest them.

Last year, i did my research on Anneliese Michel - who's tragic life has turned into a Hollywood film. The Emily Rose that we watch was Anneliese Michel! But i did that research story in my old blog so i be transfering the old stuff here. So i have more research surprises and some may take some time to look for sources and stuff. So what's coming up next? Charles Manson? Who knows? - But what im researching doesnt have to be serial murderer or anything afterall i still write on Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.

Besides, writing this bizarre readings, this blog is kinda mix of my own lifestyle as in my diary too.

So to say, enjoy reading and have your comments posted!

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