Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MPPJ Stands For Ma Pundek Puki Jabatan!!


Today i went to the Menara MPPJ somewhere in New Town (Bandar Baru). I went to the receptionist counter and ask for MBPJ PRO (Public Relation Officer) Puan Haznizar Abd. Hamid.

Well the Menara asked me to go across to the old MBPJ which has the clocktower building inside. Fine! I went across there and asked for the same thing. And they were kinda blur and told me that the new building (Menara) and here also have the same name and i told them their designation and everything but they still no nuts and asked me to head to the other counter and she said to me that THIS lady is in the new building at first floor. Okay! My madness reaching a certain limit on these bonkers assholes MPPJ!

So i head to the upstairs in the new building and.... DING .... DONG!! What the fuck???

Lady: Cik Haznizar? Siapa? PRO? Dia berada di bangunan dekat states cinema tu.
Jordache: Tapi orang di sana kata suruh datang sini?
Lady: Kau pergi sana balik dan pergi atas dan tanya, yer?

In my mouth, I wanted to burst into saying "PUKIMAK!!!" to these fucking noob people!

So... i wasnt sure if im goin to make another rounds to get back there, okay... i did it! Fuck! So i went upstairs (clocktower) with another disappointment.

Man: Dia sekarang tengah meeting.
Jordache: Pukul berapa dia habis?
Man: Tak tau-lah.
Jordache: Biasanya berapa jam?
Man: Tak tau.
Jordache: Paling lama kena tunggu berapa jam?
Man: Tak tau lah.
Jordache: Paling short?
Man: uh.. lebih kurang 2 jam. Sorry ye, encik.

You see how this people reacted to you! You wont be feeling patient in dealing with them. Their words = Dont Know!! Pergi makan tahi lebih baik la!!

Hari- hari pun tak tahu! Hari kiamat baru aku cakap BAGUS!!

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