Sunday, July 1, 2007

Once upon a Sanctuary!~


I slept at 5am or more yesterday morning but then i woke up at 12pm - fucking early and a little bit fuzzy in sight and messy in mind. My eyes are sticky like glue, probably the dirts in the eyes cause it. Pretty stable! But .. oh well i had my BRANCH (breakfast and lunch) together.

I get my hands on the PC and start doing my daily stuff but ... i just havent been touching to play my favorite online game, Silkroad online! Oh well, times change maybe? So yea ... PC first then i went out to the Subang Jaya's KTM at 7.30pm! I guess it was too fucking early! Head to KL Sentral then make an exchange to Bandar Tasik Selatan! Well i never made an exchange to some place quite far. And the scenery from the commuter windows - it's pretty kinda scary and dark. Definitely will feel that if you are travelling on your own to meet up your friends in KL (Kuala Lumpur). So from Bandar Tasik Selatan, i took the STAR LRT to Sultan Ismail. And it's pretty fucking early when i reach at Jalan Sultan Ismail.

It aint that pretty to move around without any other friends accompanying you. Well especially for girls. Well guys too. I just had to be carefull to know if I'm being followed or marked by some maniacs or lingering crooks. The street lights looks cosy like those in a black and white Sin City film. More vehicles on the road but less pedestrian people with families. So I got lost cause I never walk to that Asian Heritage Row all by myself. So I had to ask those people on the streets and some doesnt know where it was and one driver told me it was after Sheraton Imperial Hotel.

The Sheraton Imperial Hotel glowing in yellow fuzzy words! I couldnt see it! Probably it was too high and Im just like some guy somewhere far to see. All i can see is the moon - it look so sad and dim and so big... I must still not in the mood. Oh well i reach Heritage and it was like too fucking early and so I just walked around surveying areas and see what's happening. Well it's pretty fuck that i forget to check out what's happening that night. So i went to mamak! And made a few dumbasses calls on Nick and Jan. I waited for them like boredom! Critical boredom. Well, i head to Upstairs@TheLoft and survey who's the artiste. Well the reflecting mirror kinda make me dizzy. - Fuckin mirror! Then went over to Cynna (not sure if correct spelling) and it reminds me of that WWE wrestler Chyna. Okay.. that was spooky to think of! Then i went over to Bed. Bed? What was the tagline? Be Beautiful. uh-huh.

Okay, i took a piss! Then had a cigarette. And the place was still nobody except two people who i met: Mabel and Ivan from Australia. Ivan is an Australian although he has the Malaysian chinese look and so as his senior - Mabel. Heard that Ivan said he was majoring in Marketing in Monash University and same to her too but she's majoring in PR (Public Relation) and media communication. Something more or less like that! It was actually boring talking to them while i wait for my friends to arrive. Yea.. they (my friends) said they will be leaving from One Utama after dinner and pick up someone then only head to Bed!

Boredom reaching critical level! I head inside bed and get my arm stamped just in case i wanna move around. I didnt get a drink till they arrive. Well they arrived at 12am somewhere there then telling me that there is a change of plan. Right after i told them that the place was taken by someone else. Then head off to Sanctuary - first time to that place cuz i dont usually go to that place. And i remember Sawaa (Sarah Rostam) was heading to Laundry, so i gave a call and she said she's going back already. Damn it! Then I met Therchi and Suresh. Cool people. The place is crowded and packed. And there's lots of girls to look at.

And there is one bitch name Cindy or Cyndy - whatever! Came to join our table! And start to socialise and talk something fucked up.. Hahaha she's guessing Jan's a Filipino then an Indon! So weird. Maybe it was a joke! I tried to dance and move around to keep myself kinda relax and stable. Okay.. i was feeling a little bit of hungriness.. and knowing that i should not have taken the russian vodka. Well it was my reflex that instruct me to move and grab the drink. Maybe i took too fast or i just dont know. But im still alright. Still in good condition! Nick sent Pat home.

The party ends at 2am with a potong stim thingy! Then me and Jan head to Suresh's car and Suresh drops his cousin (Therchi) off first! Then all three of us head to the mamak stall. I was feeling abit of burping kind and all hungry round. Empty stomach filled with i-dont-know-how-many-shots of Smirnoff's Triple Distilled vodka mix with sprite. It contains 37.5% alcohol. And Jan and Suresh was asking me if Im stable. And yea,... till the Jan was speaking of the devil and I began to puke like an Linda Blair in Exorcist! Well good news, since im with an empty stomach so I kinda puke just plain "water" - i wonder if that's water. Yea. Hungry causes the factor! I remember Suresh and Jan telling me not to fall asleep or they are kinda gonna leave me. Then i puke again (total of 6 pukes). And all feeling better already but then Im feeling a little tired already. Like my soul being exorcised by the puke. Fuck! And total cigarettes consume throughout the night are like 15 sticks!!

Nick arrives and i wait for him to finish his drink and he send me back and as a precaution - he unwind his window, just in case im goin to puke! Well what a history night to mark! I have never been in this situation. Yea.. probably too hungry. Crap. So i reach home at 4.30am.. this morning. Yea. im still conscious! Just the fuckin stomach upset. So i went to the fridge and eat some of the stuff inside there!

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