Friday, July 6, 2007

~Physically It's Gone~


There goes the last maple leaf,
Shedding to the ground as the wind blows by,
In the middle of nowhere,
There lies a man standing with a lamp post,
There goes the wanders above the sky,
Glancing up at the fat white clouds,
Lonely but what can one do,
For thy left no one to leech to,
There goes the cuckoo birds flying back to its' nest,
Chirping with pleasant and wonderful melodies,
There goes the life of thee,
Walking into the woods of loneliness,
For there is no one who thy could share with,
With emptiness in the dark : life still continues.

--- ( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2004 )

*Yea, it was one moody and gloomy poem which i wrote. Some may uttered my past feelings back then. And everything is kind of dark to me. I was feeling kinda down. So shit happens and i wrote this not to mention; i feel that this poem is kinda cool as i read back what i wrote. But sometimes when i read with feelings, i feel kinda hurt. The past is over and time to move on with a new life.

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