Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Seven Season..~


Life has always been said and known as the never-ending. It will stops - only when you're having symptoms of difficulty in the body causes. Or when you get some sort of unexpected disease. Insane. Asylum. And if you are a criminal.

The wise man (whoever is this so-called wise man) said that life must be fruitful and go spread among the others and to wherever you can go to occupied. Sounds like Jesus eh? Maybe. The same goes with other mystical god's saying. Yet the world is still round with earth and water. You got the chinese version, the romans, the muslims and other crazy people in the world about the earth creation. But still everything's just the same. The only thing that make it so different is ideology and philosophy and influence.

During the ancient times, people listens to the strong ones because the strong ones will be the leader of the pack. So you see, they uncivilized people. Reminding you KoRn's Follow The Leader album. Well it's also even today that this shit still happens. Yes and at least we vote for our legit leader and with capability. A woman running for presidency? Malaysia doesnt have that guts yet and some countries already have.

So we are living in a world of reality by dedicating our entire life to work and study, for children, for weddings and for our coffin and funerals too. Sounds so right and pathetic? You bet!

So the only thing that is left to make yourself feel more relax is to do the thing you have always wanted within the law? The boundaries of knowing right and wrong. You might say "Hey! What the fuck is this!?"

What about virtual reality? That's what the 20th and 21st century people are doing about. The world wide web (WWW) - gone are the days of the "kampung'' style. The internet is a massive media productivity to do and upgrade life and connected to anyone in the world. Far way much better than newspaper which only comes out the next day when we get to view it on the spot. A better way of propaganda is to blog and see how many pings you did be getting so far. And then get interrogated by some stupid government servants who might think it's not appropriate to talk something which is not true. But if it's isnt true then dont fucking screwed us! Fuck us if we are so true!

Blogs - the alternate living diary! Does diary still exist? Yes it does. I still write on them and that. Times may be different and change but things still exist.

The seven season marks my new and comeback in college life actually and im actually talking works of trash talking here.

Hope to see all my friends in college in tomorrow!!!

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