Friday, July 13, 2007

Spicy Pepper Dennis!~


The series revolves with Pepper Dennis, who is a beautiful and ambitious reporter with her sights set on anchoring Chicago's top-rated evening news broadcast at the fictional television station WEiE (specifically with a small i). Her career is her top priority, but she does have close friends - especially the station's makeup artist Kimmy and cameraman Chick, who has a secret crush on Pepper. Complicating Pepper's daily life is the fact that her spoiled, needy and recently separated sister Kathy has moved in with her. Worst of all, the hot guy Pepper woke up with this morning, Charlie Babcock, just showed up in the newsroom, grabbed her dream job and is now practically her boss. She's trying to despise him, but Charlie is smart, handsome, funny, available and interested. Office romances can be so complicated.

This new series may remind you both comics and movie called Brenda Starr. Pepper Dennis is more focused onto broadcast journalism. And it sets a role model of what the industry really like - of course in America but what can be so much different compare to other countries. So to say that broadcast journalist is very different from being just a journalist. Pepper Dennis will not allow you to shout or reveal her real name for some reason - or she will bitchslap you for saying it. Well, i havent really fully watch it but i just watched one which was on aired on Thursday night on 8TV and i find it really interesting with her humor and kinky jokes. And i find Leslie Gaye the boss (Frederick Koehler) kinda gay and serious - soft when he's having a slightly dark humor chat with his employees and serious when he really mean that the job must be get done as soon as possible.

Babcock and his sausages. Dennis love him. Well, you will need to find out the chemistry in these two characters.

Unfortunately, Pepper Dennis' is a short-lived comedy-drama television series that debuted on The WB on April 4, 2006. Due to somewhat poor ratings, it was quickly announced on May 17, 2006 that Pepper Dennis would not be one of the WB shows that would be transferred to The CW Television Network, and the show's series finale was aired on July 4, 2006.

What a fuckin' pity!?? Im starting to love this series!!!

Rebecca Romijn as Pepper Dennis (Patty Dinkle)
Brooke Burns as Kathy Dinkle Williams
Josh Hopkins as Charlie Babcock
Lindsay Price as Kimmy Kim
Rider Strong as Chick Dirka

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