Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Sun's Media Candidate!~


As usual, I dont really have any excitements since Im being transferred to Special Reporting desk. The special desk aint special as you might thought it would be! I was assigned by Cindy Tham (one-of-the-editors-from-newsdesk) to report to R.Nadeswaran @ Citizen Nades.

Beside Nades is Terence Fernandez, the second boss and editor of mine. These two men knows what they are doing. You dont see them coming to the office very often and you might think that they are not actually doing anything at all. But think again! They are really like men in arms. Crawling through barbed wires and land mines to deliver the message to the chief!

The 5-Star-Medal Of Honor Nades delivered really good blows to the public like a human propaganda in 1944-45 trying to influence the sentient touch of telling the people that something is not right in the government and the whole wicked conspiracy.

Special reporting is an interesting subject to learn about. But it's not a subject - it's a task and job to investigate. It's part of the learning process of investigative journalism. To dig like doppelgangers in the dark and search for the truth and its hidden stash!

There was once a quote that said: "There can be no victory without any sacrifices!"

I salute for what he's trying to do! He aint that person of a scolding but he may look as if he is. He's a straight-telling person to point your mistakes and what must be done!

While Terence is unpredictable but a funny guy himself. The Portugese or was it the spanish name - Fernandez? I have no idea! But Im pretty sure he has nothing to do with Tony (Tony Fernandez). Terence is much younger than Nades but he sure is shoulder to shoulder with Nades. Having a true marksmanship of eight years brotherhood is something we do in our lives too!

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