Friday, July 6, 2007

~Thousand of Steps: Part I~


Deep down and burrow,
Dark darker and blackout,
Walking down to nowhere,
whereas the road is everywhere.
Hot heat and starry,
Starving without food and water,
Walking without lamplit and looking,
In the world of total darkness,
where noetiphobia will build,
In the world of total quiet,
then opthalmophobia will build.
All alone in the dark,
Feeling hot and heat up,
Wandering in the great dark,
Looking and searching for an exit,
Glaring around the hollow darkness,
Nobody there,
nothing to feel,
Tired of walking ups and downs,
Tired of finding,
Tired of living,
Fear then feared,
The road to neverending steps,
nothing but traps,
Thousand of steps of lower floors,
Deep down and burrow
Dark darker and...

--( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2004 )

*Imagine that ur in the dark. Total darkness and blinded from sight. And all that u can feel are these little tiny chilling steps and you keep on walking and wanted to hold or grip something solid to lead you to the exit. Well the story of this poems goes more like a coma. What i think of those who are in the coma at the hospital? Do they travel this far? It's more of a story on seeking for the answer to all the thoughts one been thinking about. The journey makes a twist as one was walking down these tiny steps and then one fell down like a humpty dumpty somewhere beneath. And the steps are cold and yet there is no ending to it.

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