Friday, July 6, 2007



It's been years,
I have no ears,
But to feel coldness,
But to feel illness,
But to feel loneliness,
It's been a long time,
But now I have no time,
Just to use my eyes,
which coverd with ice,
Sensing this feeling outside,
Feeling the pain inside,
When I am Back,
I happen to grow,
I happen to stand once again,
Standing to gain,
You!You hear me rise,
But I heard you risen,
Gaining powers like years before,
Awakening from the dead,
Hearken your children,
Why would you awake,
From your crypt,
Why would you rise,
From now?
Why won't you sleep soundly,
So that I can sing loudly,
Why won't you die,
Then I would never lie,
This long years,
I then got ears,
To listen again,
Now I have the power of might,
which is out of my sight,
Then we shall see,
The inner power,
The outer layer,
We are the Dead from the gate of Hells,
Will rise once again,
We would rise agian from our sepulcher,
The destroy you once again,
And again and again,
Driving you back to your casket,
And Hear my-roar...
I would never die!
But you will also never die,
Just driven back,
To your sleeping throne,
It is just..
The matter of...
Why won't you die....
Then I will never lie.
--( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2002 )
*Wrote this after watching Queen Of The Damned and listening to Chester Bennington's System. It was pretty dark and it gives a whole new idea and inspiration to write this piece. Well it may sound kinda complex but it was about immortals who can never die who wanted to die but they are in another thought for a great battle kind of thing.

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