Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tune Into Veoh! ~ (My Favorite Video Streaming and Download Site!!) YouTube Sucks!!


Veoh is a Web site that’s headed for your TV. It’s also the name for a suite of applications for collecting, publishing, and watching a vast selection of HD-quality video programming. Veoh is a diverse, virtual community of indie publishers coming together with their new audiences. And it’s also a few offices in Southern California full of entertainment industry insiders, outsiders, and technologists.

This is how we see it. Television sent the old neighborhood cinema audience back to their homes, where they were told what to watch, and when.

Let's set them free again. Bring them back together and give them what they’ve wanted all along. Veoh gives viewers a limitless marketplace of compelling or informative television programming for wherever and whenever they choose to watch.

VeohTV and Veoh.com combine as a virtual television network that organizes, showcases, and delivers clear, full-screen video programming to anyone with a broadband connection. VeohTV turns online video into Internet television.

With VeohTV, watch video from thousands of websites, in one easy-to-use full screen application. Watch streaming video from major television networks such as Fox and CBS, to independently-produced content available on sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Veoh.com and MySpace. Navigate with a keyboard and mouse or use a PC remote control. VeohTV is like a free DVR for web video. Watch video on-demand or record it to your hard drive to watch later.

Veoh.com is an advanced video hosting and sharing site with over 70,000 content publishers – from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, PBS, National Lampoon, Road and Track and Us Magazine to thousands of independent filmmakers and content producers.

Filmmakers, producers, journalists, content owners - players at any level - can become independent publishers on Veoh. Uploaded once, a video project is syndicated everywhere, across nearly every major video-sharing/distribution site on the Web. Publishers may offer their segments anywhere for free or pay-per-view.

About the suits. Veoh Networks, Inc., is privately held and backed by leading technology and media investors, including Spark Capital, Michael Eisner's Tornante Company, Time Warner Inc. and Shelter Capital Partners.

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The Team:ExecutivesInvestors Veoh provides a unique system for distributing television and video content that re-writes the rules of television broadcasting. The Veoh Player software, installed on PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network, a system that is able to distribute TV-Quality, Full-Screen video to the hundreds of millions of users around the world via broadband internet connections. Anyone from the largest studio to up-and-coming independents to aspiring enthusiasts can broadcast without the constraints of cost, capacity or geography.

Motion picture studios, television networks, companies, organizations, and individuals can use Veoh to publish unlimited amounts of broadcast-quality video content, providing consumers with unparalleled choice in television programming. Veoh provides a secure delivery system that prevents piracy and provides publishers unprecedented control over their content.

Veoh believes that this democratization of television broadcasting is as profound as the change that was brought on by the World Wide Web, which democratized print publishing. Just like there are millions of web sites, produced by enthusiasts, individual professionals and large companies, there will there be millions of TV shows produced, providing compelling content for every imaginable interest and desire. Forget about the world of hundreds of channels and get ready for the world of millions of channels.

You will never look at television in the same way again!

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**So to say that ever since my online game friend from Silkroad online, SSKevin first introduce an AV girl, Maria Ozawa on Veoh. And i then explored the video site and find it really awesome as videos are not compressed unlike YouTube. So videos are like fully visualise and it is much better viewing as compare to YouTube! So go on using Veoh! I have been using Veoh like for any moment of life watching all sort of animes on Veoh! So VEOH ROCKS BIG TIME!!

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