Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When Painkillers Pills Become The Substance To Ease Wounds!~


Here's some sort of the interview excerpt which i obtain from the official site:
Patrick: We've asked you before, but we might as well give it another go... Will there be any bullet-time in "Chapter III" of Payne & Redemption?

Fergle: This is a question that has been brought up amongst fans quite a lot recently, so I feel it's probably the right time to answer it. Although quintessentially "Max Payne", when I first wrote the script to Payne & Redemption, I never had any intention of including bullet-time. This wasn't due to budget constraints, as that has never been an issue... If we wanted to do bullet-time, we'd do bullet-time, and we'd do our best to make it look better than you've seen it before. Instead, it was a decision based upon the fact that I wanted to write something about the psychology behind the character of Max Payne, and not how many cool shots we could pull off in a certain amount of time. "Chapter III" of Payne & Redemption is very much a slow-burning, character-building, thriller of a film, perhaps a bit like Arlington Road in ways, and because of this, has very little action in it at all.

Patrick: But what's a Max Payne film without bullet-time?
Fergle: Well, exactly. If you ask people what one of the main things they remember about the Max Payne videogames is, you can almost guarantee they'll say "bullet-time" - Hell, it's famous for it! But I never totally excluded the idea of having bullet-time in "Chapter III", anyway... The only question was "If we're going to use bullet-time, where do we put it?". Because "Chapter III" just isn't your gung-ho type of film, and I certainly didn't want to use bullet-time for the sake of using it. So after we wrapped production on "Chapter III", I decided to go back to the drawing board, extensively reviewing the rushes, then came to the decision that we'd include *hints* of bullet-time in a few of the key-moment pick-up shots we have to go back and film... One rather "explosive" sequence comes to mind that I am PARTICULARLY looking forward to. Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,Writer & Director.

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