Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Will Payne Gets Bullet-time mode in his Redemption?~


This year 2007, Payne is back with some more asses to kick and more guns throtting around. Bullet-time? - Will that ever be a fair gun shots against those crooks? I mean maybe it's just how fast he moves against those mafias and stuff. The anticipation film of the year by independent director who we do not know. Is he able to please us with directing and screen-play skills? Afterall we all sure love the first Max Payne (well I hate Max Payne 2 cause it's not the cool-looking Dean Winters).
Some of us as a true-fan and gamer experience of Max Payne may thinks Payne & Redemption may begin at the start where he got framed for murder and went on a manhunt for the mafia who killed his wife and child ala Cade Foster in First Wave. Well, the story is not going to begin at the start. It's going to begin where it last stopped. You know where!
That's it! After Max Payne 2, that's what they say. But how true it is - i dont know. But the media poster teaser looks kinda cool. Keeping in the old oil pastel poster color of the Max Payne comic strip - abit of Sin City thing. But you cant compare Payne to Sin City!

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