Sunday, July 29, 2007

~The Wind From The Past~


Skies blue,
Rain drops,
Honey dew,
Corn pops.

Wet paint,
Soaking bad,
Same taint,
Shouldering sad.

Lone bee,
Slow jazz,
Something pee,
With a little jest.

Smouldering touch,
Gentle skin,
Small pouch,
The young kin.

Knitting habit,
Puffing pillow,
Swing beats,
Cloudy willow.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2007 )

* I wrote this during the cold breeze at midnight and it gives a thought of the novel which i read a long time ago which stated the date at around Macedonia time and between the plague disease in eastern europe. But it also gives me a thought of comparing present and past time. And so, it's all about life that when in order to live the best, you need to struggle and strive for your own goal that is. To be a happy person you need to overcome everything and be patience at most in life. Although our lives these days are lead by the politicians and leader we chose but we still need to survive on our own.

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K.Kim said...

lovely verses. where's your college?

K.Kim said...

Thanks for your book review offer. I'll check with my publisher and get back to you ok? Can pls let me know more about your college newspaper? Are u from penang?

Anonymous said...

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