Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hardware Upgrades!


Today i went down with my parents to Low Yat Plaza. I wasnt quite sure where to get down although i know where is Sungei Wang at. And yes, my game friend, Chchee1 got me a KL transit direction. That's so funny! I got a new power supply and an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to monitor the v.a input and output thingy. And i got myself a new pair of black boots! Now all i need is a pair of black boot cut jeans.. sigh~

Enermax ATX-SLI 535w for RM 355.00 (original price RM 369.00~was hoping for lesser price)

And here's what i got recently like 2 weeks ago:

Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT~ Ready for Direct X.10 (Got it like RM 300+)

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