Friday, September 14, 2007

Trying To Reduce the Addiction


Recently i have been really plain busy, back to my online game addiction! It was a real total fucked up that i couldnt play without it but then i have managed to stop buying cigarettes but still i get some from my friends.

At least i cut down some sticks... and so here i am again writing stuff. Actually i got a disconnection from the game server or else i wont be typing this at all. Well time to type as well. Although i promises several stuff to write here and i didnt do it. Somebody please stop me from playing!! Been goin to many time to cybercafes lately and leveling my avatars to the max!! I have skipped some classes lately and it's pretty shitty with this addiction. It's so not me.

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. Get a soul mate/ lovely wife (>.<) 2. Make and send an untraceable and invicible w32 trojan worm to the entire world
3. Choose what to wear before burning or burying me six feet deep
4. Get someone to write a memoir on me! LMFAO
5. Yumcha with friends and family
6. Advise to my children (if i have one/some)
7. if silkroad online is still there, silkroad for one more last round to the max level and pass it to my children and my children's offspring (inheritance of all accounts)

Seven things you can do
1. typing on the blog and msn
2. tapping the keyboard hotkeys while playing mmorpg(s)
3. watch tv
4. flashgetting
5. cursing at turks gamers
6. breathing
7. and ... o0o

Seven most repeated phrases/words
1. CB
2. WTF
3. Fk
4. knn
5. kns
6. o
7. noob

Seven physical traits you look for in the opposite sex
1. hairstyle
2. shorter than me
3. not bitchy
4. non-smoker
5. non-drinker
6. non-backstabber
7. decent girl

Three names you go by
1. Jordache (pronounce as Jor dash)
2. Jiang
3. Wee

Three physical things you like about yourself
1. sideburns
2. arms hair
3. double eyelid? (yea i have!)

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1. Height
2. growing sideways lately
3. white/ silver strands

Three things that scare you
1. someone i like left me
2. final exams
3. calculations

Three drinks (alcoholic or non)
1. Jagermeister
2. Chivas
3. Heineken

Three of your everyday essentials
1. mobile phone
2. silkroad online
3. more monetary funds

Three things you're wearing right now
1. long pants
2. shirt
3. boxers

Three of your favourite movies
1. 300
2. The 40 Year Old Virgin
3. Eurotrip

Two truths and a lie
1. I have a brother
2. I have four (pet) sisters
3. I have a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
1. Personality
2. Social communication
3. physical

Three careers you are considering, or have considered
1. MMORPG(s) / IT Journalist
2. photo journalist
3. DAP Politician (pssst.. my parents are Barisan National! LOL) (considering)

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