Monday, September 24, 2007

Who's the Paris Hilton?


Chui San jie jie (My sexy sister in a formal gown in some formal occasion in Australia)

Who is the girl with the smiling bright face? Posing with glitters in her eyes. This pose is cool! If only she puts her arms behind adjusting her gown, then it would somewhat an emotion in motive still - image. The lightings behind is dim and warmth but in a bad position - although seemingly looking and having a natural and amateur photoshoot.

Someone wanted to hire her as a model? That is so impossible. She's currently studying in Melbourne University doing Bachelor of Commerce. This is the first time i saw her with her make-up on. A totally new person. But same character and personality.

Hmmm... I love my sexy sister! Wahahaha... Well this is the only pose i find nice so i just paste it up here. Other pictures looks awfully weird and crazy.

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