Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Battlefield: Addiction!


This blog has long been a wasteland. Not much of a readership. Nothing new and nothing important to read recently. True. But why? I have long been battling with a term of which i called as "addiction". Addiction??? To what extend is that you asked. Addiction to online (virtual) games, addiction to alcohol and tobacco and a whole more frustration on other addiction!

Although all these are minor addiction but it may brings harm to one if it is uncontrollable as sometimes the hazards are inevitable and cannot be told when it will struck. I have fought really long with these addiction i called. And I am really getting over it. It is a good sign. But until when. Hopefully for a long term. Still addiction can never be stopped unless the circuit blows or whatsoever. So just a normal playing games (not multiplaying) will do to help fight back.

I will blog. But it is a matter of time. But i prefer to blog when there is something interesting..

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