Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Free Shaving at Fleet Street!~


The bittersweet tale of a fine and talented young barber has been locked away with a sentence he never committed in his life. Benjamin Barker is left ought to never to see his beautiful Lucy and stillborn daughter, Johanna.

After a gruesome
living nightmare and hell in the middle of the ocean's cells. Barker has returned with vengeance and to repay the crimes he never done with his razor awaiting him. A new man was born - the name that will take his revenge is Sweeney Todd. With a little help of Mrs. Lovett's meat pie shop, Todd will have his hands on the throat of a fake Judge Turpin.

A musical horror and thriller film which is so fascinating and so thin and meaningful the storyline that takes the whole world into
"the great black pit".

The best musical horror of the century since the Phantom of the Opera! It's one of my favorite collection for now. Broadway would be much better. Recommended to be shaved.

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