Monday, February 11, 2008

~Undying Human Battery~


The world is filled with peoples who are full of filths,
Living in a dysfunctional globe,
It is this fresh blood that the politicians trying to fill,
Inventing a new era to make it loop.

Seeking for a new life,
The body and the mindless soul,
This sub-consciousness self trying to strife,
Born into total traditional dissonance to be sold.

The mystical mage,
Searching for every conquest,
An idealistic theory thrust into his bare hands on this new age,
Putting all living creatures into the test.

Roaring with bold and pride.
Hail high and above the mighty glaive,
Casting Zeus lightning bolts by one strike,
Here ends the miserable lies and human slaves.

( Originally written by Jordache Wee Chong Jin . Copyright 2008 )

* The theme represents every metaphors which i wrote here. It is almost like a hidden morse code or some sort of a Zodiac killer meaning. The hidden meaning is about humans and the people they look upon. The politician leaders and the public citizens. The first-two part, i sum up about the politicians hypocritical bullshit which trying to gain control on public needs and choices but they are most likely up to nothing good and all white lies. The last two part is on how a revolutionist would stand up one day with ideas that are good and bright for the public and social needs. The one who is not so corrupted would change the management, the parliament. Hearsay that there should be a new age be taken by the newly hood.

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