Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Time For a New World Order


We should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people. The parliament belongs to the people not to corrupt BN (Barisan Nasional) MPs (member of parliament)

Tony Pua said that it cost RM 105 million to send that our very malaysian to space. The government could actually make use of the public funds in helping the needy ones and for those who cant afford education.

He added that Proton was actually a bleeding company. Why? This is because Proton is making losses since 2004 till now. More losses than profits. I agree with that! Because even BBC's Top Gear even reviewed rubbish is our car and so is the Perodua car products of ours. The quality is low that the accident test proves that if they would to drive a Proton - it means instant death if facing an accident.

As, I am from Subang Jaya and I participated in the 5,000 crowd on Saturday night listening to the DAP (Democratic Action Party) and PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) speakers. I am touched by these young people candidate especially Hannah Yeoh who is a strong and versatile young speaker who are about our age speaking out for the public consent. Compliments to Edward Ling too for having such wonderful speech!

Hannah Yeoh of Subang Jaya is representing DAP to compete against a 57 year old BN lady. She reviewed that night that the 2008's Budget has been approved and that our electricity and water taxes will be increase and so as the other products too.

She even reviewed the amount of money which the MPSJ has taken to try to improve our so called environment and for more development. BN are most likely to spend RM 300 million for Subang Jaya's multi-million projects which the Subang's people do not need.

And as to our so called economic growth, we have been reaching to an inflation rate once again. Our parents money and all tax payers had their money spend in RM 185 million losses since 2005.

Let's Vote for the opposition!

We are anak bangsa Malaysia.

Anak bangsa harapan rakyat!

Vote For Change!!

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