Friday, March 7, 2008

Vote For a Stronger Opposition! For a BETTER future!~


"If the opposition wins this election, 513 will not happen. However UMNO will still be there too." - Lim Kit Siang.

"Ong Ka Ting and Lim Keng Yaik tell me this: You old already la, step down la, why you dont want step down? - I asked them: Why you ask me to step down when there are two people who is older than me?.. Samy Vellu is older than me. Pak Lah is much older than me! - You two should ask Pak Lah: Eh Pak Lah.. You old already la, step down la.." - Lim Kit Siang's speech in USJ 12, Subang Jaya.

To those who are not voting:

Your vote as a Malaysian is important. If you're to stay and work here then it is very important for you to decide for whom to rule the nation. BN has always been talking a lot of lies for as long as 50 years.

What's the progress of Malaysia for 50 years? Sending our very first Malaysian to space? Long Teh Tarik in Guinness Record? Increase cukai taksiran? Increase petrol, electricity, water? BN bribing the poor with handshakes and promises which is undone? Sending our under 16 footballers to Brickendory in UK to be trained as top footballers when the padang there is like our typical football field? There is no proof and showing of BN is trying to do something. More lies. BN is gate keeping all the newspapers. Everyday the newspaper - you read about is about BN this and that. What about the opposition party news? Where is the balance and fairness on this nation? And they called Malaysia is united as one?? I say it's nothing but mere lies, bullocks and more bullshits.

I say we should give the opposition a chance. A turning point to improve our quality of life and for the economic growth.

"We must give fishes to them (the public poverty), but we must teach them how to fish." - Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan, DAP speech in USJ 12.

For the economic growth, stop the ruling party from using the public funds on multi-millions development and all "Malaysia Boleh" projects.

"It took RM 105 million to send our very first Malaysian to space despite our country is making RM 185 million losses since 2005."

"Proton is a bleeding company." - Tony Pua, DAP.

".. anyone heard of "V fo Vendetta"? - My theme would be in that movie: The people shouldn't be afraid of the government, instead the government should be afraid of the people." - Edward Ling, DAP.

For those who thinks voting is not important. I say it is important because if you do not and when you complain - that is definitely is YOUR own fault! So whatever happens in Malaysia stays in Malaysia. Are you not a Malaysian and not care much about your country? Are you just being a coward to not vote for what's best for the country? And do you prefer to hear more lies and live among with corrupted people?

So stand up!

And SAY you're a MALAYSIAN and you want to VOTE FOR CHANGE!

Vote For a Stronger Opposition! For a BETTER future!~SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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