Friday, March 28, 2008

When Customers Said That They Are Always RIGHT..


Just this boring evening, this customer whom i served is someone sick and full of bullshits. He came to me and asked me about the Windows Vista Ultimate. And i told him about the price and the specification on what are the additional add-on on the package. And of course - i wasn't quite sure if inside the package has a disc inside it.

So i called upon Daniel (Supervisor) and double-checked with him and he wasn't sure but to take a peek into it. And said with total confirmation that there's a disc in it. But the customer wasn't quite satisfied on it and insist that we open it for confirmation. I called Nik (Supervisor) and confirmed with him too.

The customer said he agreed that he WILL definitely buy the product. Daniel opens the seal with care. But before Daniel open it - we warned the customer that "once open consider sold" and he said that he knows that. So when the customer was satisfied with it that the disc included.

He did not fucking take the one which Daniel just open and demand for a new pack. He wants perfect surface and a new pack. I forcefully insisting and telling the customer that he should get the one we open because he knows our policy and yet he still fucking doesn't wants it.

What kind of customer is that shit? I felt like saying: "Fine! If you're not taking that one - we are not going to sell anything to you!"

Apparently i have faced all kind and all weird peoples during my working time when meeting with stupid, arrogant and weird customers. Especially those who are so germs-conscious kind.

My mind was boiling at that time... Imagining things to burn that bastard retarded brain alive. Daniel was boiling but then he let it go.

And most of the time customers aren't always right and yet they are trying to prove that they are superior than us.

"If that's possible to happen, then if he opens or works at some mart selling cup noodles. Is it possible for me to open and eat before paying and then place it back to the shelf and get a new cup?"

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