Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Country For Jimmey!


Sales are always meant to be dropped on weekdays. Why i say that? Well students goes to school, colleges or universities and working people will be rushing in the morning to go to work and the only free time they have is when they have a break session and drop by for window shopping. That is the usual lifestyle on weekdays unless there's like a good semester breaks from schools or public holidays or during the weekends but not every kid would like to get down to supermarket. Perhaps being forced by their parents to go with them so that they don't rot at home by sitting in front of the television nor playing computer games wildly.

This usual and boring days has its limit too. That same goes to a mankind..

Salesperson will tend to grin or smile to serve you at your best and explaining to you every detail information clearly so that there is no misunderstanding or mistaken. No matter what the customers would say - salesperson will try to comprehend the matter by telling about the pros and cons of a certain item (product). When the customer is in a bad shape about something that give he or she a temper - they would eventually be blaming you even if you're not the one who introduce the product to them. They tend to be showing their claws and superiority abusing it to show who's boss! But what choice does a salesperson have? - Pushing his way and tactic to handle the issue and make way for what to come. The pressure is there - but patience will be tested and needed to be neutralize.

But what happens on this boring Tuesday was - this scum bastard Jimmey came up to me for something unreasonable and totally pissing me off is that whatever he said was rubbish! He has been testing my patience since day one when he get into Thunder IT and i don't care if he ever works in ThunderMatch Low Yat Plaza before. The problem is he always picks on people. Why? He thinks the salespeople is not doing a proper job or not doing anything. - And he thinks it's me! Fuck him! Today he has pushed my limits over a boiling water.

Jimmey: Kenapa berdiri di sini? Pergi tempat lain. Sini tak boleh berdiri. Pergi kat sane! Sane ada customer.

(when at the first he came forward to me, telling me there's customer(s) - there's actually none! Not a single soul or skeleton is walking in the store.)

Me: Kenapa saye kena pergi sane? Mana ada customer kat sane? Mana? Mana? You tolong beritau saya mana?

(I begin to think that he has lost his mind after staying too long in the technician room)

Jimmey: Sane lah. Saya tak suka tengok you berborak. Hari-hari nampak you berdiri sini dan sana. Pergi pergi! Sane ada customer.

Me: Saya cakap dengan dia sekejap saje. You datang cakap saya hari-hari berborak. Hari ni hari biasa lagipun sekejap saje. Mane ada saya cakap hari-hari?

Jimmey:Pergi layan je la.

Me: Mana ade customer bongok. Aku tengah observe dan tunggu customer datang dan serve la.

Jimmey: Kenapa nak tunggu sampai datang dan serve? Sekarang tak bleh buat ke?

Me: You tengok dan bukak you punye mata besar besar sikit - mane ade customer?? Hantu je yang ade la!!Lagipun semua notebook sales - kebanyakan aku buat dan budak baru tak buat apa apa langsung you pun tak tegur. - Aku seorang je yang jual. You pulak nak tegur kat aku tak buat kerja. Yang tak buat kerja dan cuma goyang bola dan tetek you tak tegur la!

Jimmey: Aku suruh diri kat sane. You diri kat sane saje la. Atau you clear semua barang tu kasi dia kemas sikit.

Me: Saya dah bersihkan dah. Sebab tu saya tengah cakap dengan dia sekejap je. Tak leh ke?

Jimmey: Tak bleh. You blah dari sini. You nak kerja disini ke tak nak? You nak kerja lagi tak? Nak kerja tak?

Me: Aku tak nak. Suka hati aku je la. You tak layak suruh aku pergi dari sini kecuali supervisor aku atau supervisor yang lebih tinggi. Aku ade strategy sendiri cammane nak target potential buyer. Aku tak nak dengar ape ugutan kau tu. You bukannya atasan aku.

Jimmey: Kenapa you suka lawan cakap cakap ye? Aku suruh you pergi.. you pergi je la.

Me: Cammane ngan kau tu - you pun merayau sini sana.

Jimmey: Ish.. you semakin lama semakin cam TK. Suka lawan cakap orang

Me: You buat orang bengang je. Aku dah lama sabar kat kamu ni. You jangan tolak aku banyak banyak. Do you know people has their own limit? When my limit is enough - i will definitely explode. So stop pushing me! I know what im doing. Now that there isnt any customer i did be observing and wait for the opportunity. Kalau tak puas hati cakap kat Nik!
Jimmey: (His absolute most hated fucking face came off)

After this conversation - i did not spoke to him or ever face him again. If he's going to test my limits again. Just one more time for pissing me off - I will definitely voice and against this ruthless and uneducated bastard. If he touches me - he's probably a dead man.

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