Monday, April 14, 2008

Notebooks' Sales Goes On Blog?


I am craving for more than just blogging. Besides posting and allocating all links relate to my page would eventually boost my sales. Although i don't get any commission or anything for doing this except building a good marketing management and customer relationship. This ain't no ordinary blog about life or whatsoever. It could be politics, my daily doings, my anger and frustration, the sickest shit and funny thing just happened - it could be just anything. And now i'm going to post some products here. Yes. This will be a good strategy.

Bringing out to type the products gives extra exposure to the bloggers who can be my customers as well. So be ready to see what products you want. I could go on and on to tell you about the products. And that products would be the notebooks' - i'm talking about notebooks or laptops or whatever you called it. I will be posting up on HP, HP Compaq Presario first then along with the Acer Aspire (which i don't recommend you to buy one either) followed by and lastly Lenovo and Toshiba's one. Looking for DELL? Sony Vaio? .. You see... DELL is a good product but the content sucks (you might be supporting it but this is my opinion).

What about Sony Vaio? - We got them! But i need to speak to my supervisor(s) then they could check it out and make an order depending which model you want. So go checkout the model and specifications by yourself.

So what's the deal in here if you get to purchase the notebook? You get to get a free bag (you carry like a briefcase or make it a sling bag for yourself) and no more than that! That's all! No mouse, no webcam, no rams and nothing which you desired to be included! READ IT LOUD: "JUST A FREE BAG!" - So stop bragging like an old silly granny murmuring and mumbling around that we are some cheap confetti!

By the notebooks which comes along with Windows or Linux is a one set package and it is integrated so to change - you need to buy a new Windows of your desire and overwrite it. Asking our technicians for some favor requires some service charges (or do it yourself!). For your knowledge, free dos means NO OPERATING SYSTEM (no Windows or Linux!) - it's just a plain command prompt thingy. Don't whine there like a baby - saying we are at your money. You got two choices - either you get the OEM from us or you get it from outside. If you get on a pirated - don't look for us. Fuck off! This is because piracy is illegal and you have to be kidding to ask us or our technicians to load it for you!!

So this it! You may think i'm some sort of bad-ass sales guy but of course - this is my blog and my freedom of speech to rule it! Whatever written here stays here. If i would to be serving you - will be another chapter of the story.

In my blog.. I am god
... - But outside - i'm just an ordinary salesperson doing his best to serve and build a good customer relationship and for the image and goodness of my employer and company's sake!

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