Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rebuilding the old WALL!~


Due to absolute no-free-time, most of my forums were knockout and barely able to survive and has fall to pieces. Basically the free-host-forum which i subscribed to has deliberately warning me in my inbox however i couldnt care less about the warnings - That i eventually have forgotten about it and so is the expired date too. So it's like going back "la la la la..." and then you saw your car got carried away and mortgage to the bank. And i did be screaming like "WTF!? OMG!! I forgot about it!?".. And begging for some sort of chance and got blam! blam! and then lay down on ground splat!

So here i am mumbling about it although it has been down since last year. Trying to pick up back the missing pieces and scattered puzzles. The title of the new forum would be *censored* .. well not going tell you guys yet till i set up in full. The forum for absolute everything. Something like this blog but a little more seriousness and organize. That's just it. Serious, dude! I REALLY mean SERIOUS as no hanky panky.

Everything means from internet massive multiplaying online role playing games to the hands of a PSP (Playstation Portable) to the depths of Thunder IT.

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