Sunday, April 20, 2008

RM 3,598 worth were stolen!!?


It was another boring Sunday morning - it is a real boring and lazy day. My eyes are tired and sleepy and yet no customer would eventually come shopping for IT products instead they will head downstairs using the escalators.

But that boring Sunday has turned into chaos. No. Nothing about rape cases or any robberies breakthrough! But the carelessness of our staff(s). Our supervisors has eventually become sour grapes and sores. The HTC Touch has eventually gone within the hands of a customer who was trying to buy his way to grab the HTC's and walk off as if nothing could happen.

Our surveillance tries to view back and zoom for a clear view on that man. But he's too dark to be seen and that he's a fucking indian who claimed himself as an inspector (who the fuck cares if he's an inspector - do we give a fuck about his profile? if he's an inspector - why the fuck he need to steal them?).

Our staffs - Ge and Go (names are disclosed) are the ones who would be standing at the mp3 counter selling stuffs and explaining customers about the items. Things went awry wrong when the customer claims to buy the two HTC Touch which we got there. Go was said to be checking stocks on the mp3 down the corner of mp3. Ge explains everything about the product and lead the customer to the cashier and the customer took advantage by saying he wanted some mp3 players which actually we seldom sell them. So the story here is kind of blur since i'm just listening to what they said. But another staff of ours, R said that the two went into the office leaving the two stocks unguarded on the table that the customer stole it - R said she saw him taking off his hands quickly after she suspected of something fishy.. And that's how the customer walked free with our items...

The unguarded watchtower is always an easy prey for sneaky peoples... And it's so fucked up!! Although i'm not worried about it but this carelessness is totally unaccepted!!

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