Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stocks Marching Out!


In conjunction of PC Fair 2008, some of our products like the Samsung printers with the likes of capable of printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing is out of stocks. But today, the new stocks has just arrived. More laser jets coming in and more choices of your poison printer - whether you are choosing 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 or just a normal printer. Putting printers on my list is not what i am going to do but putting notebooks in here - i will. Printers is an easy and fast selling product, so just get some assistant from my colleagues. I will serve you well while i'm working but not in my blog. Not going to write anything much about printers.

What about external hard disk? Yes, I will definitely put them here. Actually regarding external hard disk (exhdd), it's pointless to get the one without the casing because in the end you're going to sum up the same amount of getting the one with the case. But if you want to know about it - so i'll put it up soon.

As for the notebooks, like i said i only recommend HP or HP Compaq Presario - but if you are interested about Acer Aspire/ Travelmate and Lenovo - i could release the contents and models too. So for the notebooks which i recommend - the stocks for some are getting low because i have sold like fifteen or more notebooks. The latest model which we brought in is being sucked into a black hole. Too bad if you can't get it.

For customers information regarding Thunder IT and Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd:

1. Is Thunder IT and Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd the same?
- Yes. It is the same company. Thunder IT and Thunder Match are like brother and sister companies.

2. Why have separate names if it is the same company?
- Only in all Carrefour's Malaysia - Thunder Match is known as Thunder IT. Besides we are trying to explore new markets (i think so - i'm just answering based on my assumptions)

3. Why do customers need to pay at the IT counter in Carrefour but not in any counters elsewhere within Carrefour?
- Because we are under consignment. Therefore all products needed to be paid at the IT counters so we can claim our sales if not they (Carrefour) will try to cheat us.

4. Why does Carrefour printed IT products which stated something which it's not there?
- You will have to look at where the products allocated within which Carrefour. Sometimes when the product is there but the prices is not there or something else... Blame the fucking Carrefour's staff for printing false information about our products. You HAVE to blame them and not us!

5. How does warranty claims work?
- Basically all staff(s) will remind you bring our very Thunder Match receipt along with your Carrefour receipt to avoid any cheating(s). Most of the hardwares like printers and notebooks comes along with a one year warranty. Basic stuffs has no warranty.

6. Can customers claim refunds from us?
- Hell no - never! You see.. we will stamped a "IT goods are not refundable" on the receipt. And the Carrefour receipts has our indication that products are not refundable. We are not Carrefour staff(s) and we are not under Carrefour at the first place. We just rent the space!!

7. What if the customers paid elsewhere and wanted a refund?
- Well, sometimes customers acted dumb that we have to get down there and talked to them with their saliva all shooting out and we have to put a full stop and say: No refund!! - in a pleasant manner. There are huge banners that all IT products must be paid at IT counter - so pay there even the queue is long. If you do not have the patience to wait - do not throw the items at us and blame at us. I will definitely curse you on my blog!

* Please seek for assistant from our staff(s) who is supposed to be stationed at their areas regarding the products you are looking for.

* Items which has serial number (s/n) need to be pass to our invoice writer so we can open a bill which works like a warranty receipt.

* Items like printers, external hard disk can be tested at our service counter. However notebooks with DOS can be tested for free. Notebooks or desktops which comes along with Windows or needed to be setup will be charged with a small amount or money. Ask technician about it!

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