Monday, May 12, 2008

Accepted by BANE in Facebook's BattleStation


Days have just pass since those incidents, and now im stuck at home doing nothing but facebooking and using neighbor wifi once awhile. Be it in anywhere of whatsoever i may do in facebook. Then recently i have been accepted by BANE clan in Facebook's BattleStation (BS). And i have already start contributing 300,000 gold to the clan as my first start. Although im not too sure how the clan fortress and war works in BS but the forum moderator are helpful to tell me something. I have been called an "internet junkie" by Andrew. What the hell?

The BANE's logo looks like some rib-eye sirloin steakhouse restaurant. The words are quite blur. If they only use some Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - it would looked much better. I couldnt even read those words in red. Hmm.. looks like im promoting BANE in here. But it seems the BANE clan leader is lead by some girls. Cool! First time i ever heard. Li Ann looks exotic. Jing Yan looks cute and pretty. And Adrian (i know you're not a girl) - his name remind me of my old friend in SRK Sri Subang Jaya but Adrian denies that he was from there. So it looks like i know two person with the same name Adrian Hew. Plus if not mistaken the Adrian Hew i knew was 1986 and would this one be coincidence that he's 1986 too??

Oh well, anyway i lost contact with the other Adrian which i knew and now only know this new Adrian. Hahaha...

Before i joined BANE, i was actually searching for some sole Malaysian clan or lead by Malaysians because i knew that other clans would look down on me. Why i said so? Before this i was actually trying to enter rawR because the clan name reminds me of my group project which i did for charity. However rawR's clan member Michael Feng was doubting me and then Jon Lai just kind of rejected me because im from the otherside of the world.

So thank you BANE!

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Li Ann said...

haha...the words in red were meant to be blurred. kinda gothic like.

btw Jon Lai is from Singapore and rawr is looking for higher level members that's why. anyway hope you enjoy yr stay in bane :P

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管理人 said...


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