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The Beat-up on Jordache Wee by The Coward Anand


It was another Monday, the day before Tuesday and it was also the day of my final exam. The other Monday was my other exam; the first one. This Monday is my last one and last of all and definitely will be the beginning of my new holiday. I have wanted to work till May 25 or probably till June 25. But a hope for me to get until that far has ended. Why? You ask me. And I tell you why.

I don’t have a déjàvu to tell me what is happening or what’s going to happen in couple days or weeks. Something has happen, something bad, something terrible i must say. Could this be some sort of set-up? Someone is poking me from behind? What the hell is going on? I don’t even know what the fuck is going on at all either! Could someone please tell me what the heck is actually going on?

I tell you something about it..

It was an afternoon, sunny Monday on May 5, 2008. It was a freaking hot day – a very humid one i must say. I took the 11 o’clock bus which would take me around Subang Jaya and Sunway before it stationed at Subang Jaya’s KTM. But this time, i couldn’t take it. I stopped at the pedestrian bridge which was facing across the old Sunway’s complex road. I took a walk from there to my campus. Like travelling in the desert – i decided to travel by foot.

I reached there to meet up with one of my old classmate of my batch, Hanna to get the course outline from her at the library. Then i met up with the group of people who i knew and who were there to study social psychology too. Ashley, Amanda, Nessa, Aina and Carrie were there. And so i decided to join the group. At the beginning i was sitting beside Ash before turning to be seated beside Amanda and both Nessa and Amanda were memorizing really into it. Ash was like music and study in the same time. I was sweating when i was revising my notes. Suddenly that psychologically thinking came through from nowhere that i begin to question Ash regarding on whether what i done for my resignation is good or bad. And he said that i shouldn’t resign afterall – but he’s looking really unsure about it.

The hall is down into the MPH (Multi Purpose Hall). It was such a tense exam although the questions are quite simple. But still raising tense and the hall was like kind of cold. The exam started at 2pm and around 3.30pm something like that, i left the hall - sat around with Lydia, Wai Kit and Derrick and there's one more person i forget the name. I called upon Lingesh and asked him where is he and he told me he's at Carrefour and i told him that i will be there to have a drink and chat with him.

Then all is set to part ways, since this is like a final semester to them too. I said goodbye and head to the KTM (train station) and grab a ticket to head to Carrefour.

Once i reached there i called Lingesh and he said he's at Di Naina and i went there. I went through the Jom Bali transparent door and as i was about to walk there - i saw Anand was there along with Thanabalan and Deva and Lingesh was like seated among them. I was about to evade meeting me - he saw me. I couldnt step back so i sat among them and Lingesh said that there wont be any trouble. The next thing i knew was that he questioned me the same thing he questioned when i was working the last Tuesday. He couldnt let go. This time he ask in a polite way but somehow i still tell him the truth and said "No!".

Anand: You ada cakap tak?
Jordache: Takde..

I denied it and the next thing i know is that his eyes was bulging out and in split seconds i can see that he took something and smashed it onto my lips with my glasses flew off the ground without knowing what's going to happen next. I was in pain with my lips swollen and internally the skin tore within, i was searching for my glasses as i saw Lingesh and Thanabalan holding him back. I was like a blind man there.

When they were holding him back, i wanted to hit him. And i did - but the blow wasnt a good one, he was like a raging bull and moving like an eel. Then he questioned me again. And still i denied it. Why i deny it? Because i really didnt say it. Then out of nowhere Vincent came into the scene to prevent further argument. I tried to pick up my glasses and reached out for my bag. But it seems he is still unsatisfied about the whole matter. I saw him kneeling down reaching for something underneath. But he threw the flower pot at my direction but i avoided it. And he took the bottom of the flower pot which resembles a plate-looking type and tries to hit me or either threw it at me. I wasnt quite sure what happen but the next thing i knew was my left arm was bleeding. I was searching where is it bleeding - i thought it was coming from my palm but it was at my upper arm. Anand walked away from the scene but still unsatisfied that he wanted me to come down with to the basement which i totally disagree because this whole shit is going to turn real bad.

Lingesh was helping me out with my wounds i was like thinking "what the fuck was his goddamn problem?" His cousin Thanabalan wasnt quite sure what happen and i think Anand didnt told him anything about it. Deva was not found in the scene already. Then i told them what exactly is it about and i still tell him that i didnt say anything bad about him.

Jordache: Lingesh - you helped me translate my words for him and i hope he will tell his cousin to calm down.
Lingesh: Ok. But why dont you speak in malay.
Jordache: I couldnt explain or find my words in malay at this situation. So here's the story: As far as im concern i only explain to newcomers about the product and details and ask them to beware of situation like of what im approaching that they may come to you pissing you off like as Jimmey's case. That's all

Lingesh did all the translation for him in tamil and Thanabalan told his Anand. He ordered me to come out and face him. Fine i did that. Lingesh offered me protection if he intends to do it again. I agreed with him.

Anand: You bagi tahu baik baik. Saya tau you tipu saya. Cibai pukimak. Cibai you punye mak! Mak you i kasi dia rogol! You dengar baik baik.. Lain kali atau kalau saya jumpa muka you lagi kat mana mana, saya akan BUNUH you! Faham!
Jordache: (i was silent but was mad about what he said!)
Anand: Cakap you faham! Cakap!
Jordache: Ya.. faham (i have no choice but to obey this maniac)

I walked away from the scene with Lingesh and headed across to Subang Parade then to AC (Asia Cafe) and had some beers there. Everyone suggest that i lodge a police report even my Eddie asked me too. But somehow rather when me and Lingesh were drinking - someone called on Lingesh that Anand was handcuffed by the police.

Around 6pm something i too lodged a police report against him.. (to be continue or not to be..)

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