Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goodbye Thunder IT (Thunder Match)!~


It happen on a Tuesday. This time is a different Tuesday on April 29. I dont think i could take it any longer if they are to test my patience on something. Perhaps this part of their role play in casting the lead and support. My war with Jimmey is over somehow rather. We have decided to tolerate and have a good understanding.

Not until that particular April 29 - some real shit happen to be bad. Real pissing me off. I was a little dizzy that day and a lot of heat inside my body. I could feel the warmth but im not sweating any. I was having fever - a slight and then it turn really bad.

Then this store guy, Anand. He came to me and asked me if i had my lunch already. And i said that i already had it. He questioned who i had with i said the two cousins of his; Thanabalan and Deva (Uma - whatever his name is). Why does he wants to know who i ate with?

He then said to me that he wanted to be downstairs at the basement at the time when i complete my work and meet him there and a friend of his. I got so suspicious of who this friend of his and why do i need to meet that friend of his too?

I was having real high fever since 10am that day and i struggle all the way to end of time. Somewhere within the time, like around 3pm or something - my fever gotten worse. So i tried to ask him about what is it really about that i have to see him downstairs.

Anand: You ada cakap buruk pasal aku tak?

What the hell is he saying?? - i was shocked to hear this.

Me: Takde. (i laughed and take it as a joke..)
Anand: You jangan tipu! Aku tau you ada cakap buruk kat aku.
Me: Takde la. Pasal apa? Mana ade cakap buruk tentang kau?
Anand: I tau!! You jangan tipu banyak banyak.

This fucking situation really pissed me off and makes me wonder if i ever did pissed him off? And i tried thinking hard. And i ... think... no! Impossible! What the fuck wrong with him? Was i set up for some unknown reason? Was this some sort of joke?

After an hour, my sickness gotten worse and worse. I couldnt bear the heat and the sickness within me. I went to him again about what he say. He kept denying until he stumble upon me threatening to harm me. Leon and Jimmey came in the scene and separate him and me. I asked Leon what the hell he wants. Leon and Jimmey went to consult him.

Leon told me that someone told him that "i" was the one who told everyone that he is a playboy or something. I didnt quite hear about what he said - but i do heard something like that. But the thing is i didnt. Besides there is only one more person who knew about this and that was the person who told me about Anand's stuff. But somehow something doesnt seems right because i couldnt have suspect Lingesh about it. There must be something else or someone else behind it to trigger to harm me.

Anand came up to me and said that three days ago as in counting backwards from that Tuesday. I calculated and it seems to be a Saturday; of which i was at home doing revision. I could not be the one who said anything. He just keep bouncing off the walls and insist that i said: YES! I DID SAY IT. Well that wont happen because i really didnt say or do anything. It was a rough day and he said he wont let me go.

So when i went to down to the toilet, i asked Leon to accompany me. And Leon were like giving me these advices which i heard before. I had a small phobia that i have to plan some sort of espionage thingy to go back home to avoid nothing would ever happen to me.


And so today.. I had been fallen ill since that Tuesday till now. And then i had made my final decision which is to leave the company for good. To avoid any other circumstances which is urging or forcing me or even against me. Whether it's an accusation against me. Or some weirdo who claims that i'm not making sales. Or some other office politics which i have heard about - which i don't really give a fuck about. Whether some staffs are disguising behind a mask with a big jealousy? Whether someone dislike me for being top sales guy? Or whether they think that i stole their sale when they couldnt persuade the customers and ended up im the one who gets the customers attention? What is going on now - is not my business anymore. Furthermore, I have done like RM 243,446.90 sales (December 9, 2007 - April 30, 2008). So the whole month of April i have accomplished a sum of RM 60,096.60 sales standalone.

Upon this resignation when i gave my letter of resignation to Nik this evening around four something. I just said that im to further my studies. Leon was there and so is Lingesh to witness it. Leon knows why. Lingesh doesnt. But sooner or later everyone will know about it. It's not about running away from all these unreasonable circumstances. It just that some of the people there doesnt make sense - almost like a customer who buys stuff and go arguing about minor problem.

Well, till this day - i have appreciate and thanked those who have helped me on the sales line and i thanked Vincent and Eric, who bring me into Thunder IT and Eddie too who have helped about some other things. So whether the company makes sales or make less sales in future... it's all up to the newcomers to achieve...

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