Friday, May 2, 2008

He Puts Me on a Dangerous Situation..


On Thursday evening, I went to Thunder IT to hand over my resignation letter to my supervisor. Stating that i wanted to resign. With no extra reasons. Just some simple reasons to inform my supervisor about it. The truth about it was not exactly what they think it is. I was afraid that i might get backstabbed from behind (i mean real "stab"). I might even get bashed for no reason too. That reason of that person who i said my stab me is apparently like a red bull who wont listen to anyone except to his own walls. - i mean why on earth would i be telling his shit to everyone?

So i left the company not because that i am wrong. NO! I'm not wrong at all. I left to save my life from any confrontation of this so-called typical person. Besides that, it seems everyone has been pushing or toying around with me.
There's something like a conspiracy within the company itself. Some remain neutral and some are behind wearing fancy masks'. The day i left is to resolve this situation. Too much pressure and too many things. Im just some sales promoter but my role has taken far from being a promoter either. I need to train newcomers about products and explaing to them the differences. - That was suppose to be the supervisor job.
Simple explanation about the company organization is that: it's such a huge mess. Too many dictatorship. Too many fooling around. Too many nonsense. Too many uneducated workers. - And too many cheap labors. Those cheap labors are somewhat not only not hardworking but not efficient enough. Sometimes i just think that this isnt my job at all to advise them.
Those who worked there long enough or perhaps earlier than me is somehow rather .. stupid. Why i say so? I find that if they worked there longer than i am - they should somehow knows about the product. When i went up to them and ask them about this and that (just testing if they are really that knowledgeable about the product which they are selling). How unfortunately, they couldnt make differentiate SODIMM and DIMM. They couldnt really explain it as it is. Now that i'm totally out of the Thunder IT. I can mention their names in here. Gunasundari (Guna) - she has been taking care of the pendrive(thumbdrive), rams, miniSD, microSD and other memory card for long as im concern. Still the only thing she's good at is selling... pendrive! What about the other products? She knows nothing!! All she can do is come to me and asked my help: " Sir, can you help me?" or" Sir! What is this?" or "Sir! I dont know la". Wouldnt that be so annoying?
Along came Ganesan, he's such a confuse boy. The way he explain things and telling me stuff is something which i dont really want to know about because it's all so complicated. All he ever tell me is that his so-called "skills" or bloody brains laid back to the 95s. So all he knew is some old stuff. He said he did be trying his best to do what he can. Questioning me too much of stuff? - That's pretty annoying!

Yasso - This guy is pretty slack. He kept shuffling around and plays the hip hop and rap music so long as i was still there. It's pretty ugly. Annoying? Yes. And most of the time he never remove the mp3 thingy from the speaker or take it with him if he's to somewhere else. But we did teach him a lesson or two for him.

There are whole lot of bunch of these peoples who sometimes fucked me up. Except these people who i looked upon: Bala, Thanabalan, Geetha, Kantha, Johannese, and Ridzuan and Ajay too. They fucking independent and they do know what's their job. The others on sales floor are a bunch of morons. Despite there are new people too. I can say that Bavani (Nithya) - she doesnt seem to fit the job except lazing around. Ramlah only pushes her job well when i wasnt around. Uthaya is new but i just dont know.

Supervisors may come in handy once awhile. Sometimes they are just pissing me off. The other day, Nik told me that i didnt write the serial number (s/n) for the notebook.. when i always write it all the time. Fuck him! The only thing which i ever forget to include is: "FREE NOTEBOOK BAG".

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