Monday, June 23, 2008

Of Movies and Of Games!


It's been almost coming to a month since i resign from working. And i have been lazing around and researching some information and reading xml and php codes and to restructure my blogsite. So i have bought DVDs' movies and bought even more and more each time i finishes all or sometimes i don't finish them - just a matter of piling it up and watch whatever i think is best to watch first.

Besides, i have been facebooking alot especially reading others blog and reading some informative stuff and gaming in facebook with all those nonsense slayers to vampires crap. The only thing that i continue playing is BattleStations. And.. i just stopped playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction temporaily as i waited for my bro to reach my level (level 63 barbarian- hell mode). Not too important though.

So to think of it, i think i will start blogging of the movies i have watched and other things i have been doing or what i think sounds interesting for passerbys!

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